How to get free Shopee advertising balance

How To Get Free Shopee Advertising Balance

Selling online has several advantages over selling offline, one of the advantages is being able to reach a wider market. In addition, there are now a number of marketplace apps, which allow us to sell goods with ease. And one of the most popular market apps in Indonesia is the Shopee app.

Advertising features on Shopee

Even though in the Shopee app we sell products easily but with quite high competition, we still need ads to be able to introduce our store to other Shopee users. In addition to promoting products and stores through social media apps, actually in the Shopee app there is also an advertising feature. Taking advantage of this advertising feature, we can place products and stores at the top of the search page. Products that use the advertising feature will have an advertising tag in the top left corner of the product.

Shopee free ad balance

However, before we can use the advertising feature, we must first fill in the ad balance. There are several options for how much ad balance you can use. But did you know that we can get free ad balances in the Shopee app. To get free Shopee ad balances, simply complete the missions given by the Shopee app.

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1. Open the Shopee app on your device and make sure you are one of the registered sellers on the Shopee app.

2. Open the menu I’m and then press the menu My store to open all your store information and settings in the Shopee app.

    Get The Free Ad Balance From Shopee Screenshot 1

3. Scroll down your store page and look for the menu Seller’s Mission. In this menu there are several options for missions with advertising balance of Rp. Seller of 5,000 and 5,000 coins. Choose one of the ad balance reward missions. push the button To start on the selected mission. For example, here the author chooses the mission to do 1 store promotion.

    Get Shopee Screenshot 2 Free Ad Balance

4. Upon completion of the quest, the ad balance reward will automatically transfer to your Shopee store. press on folder giftsand then press the button Claim in the present. Then an information box will appear containing the validity period of the ad balance and press the button OK. Okay, now you can use the Shopee app’s free ad balance.

    Get Shopee Screenshot 3 Free Ad Balance

Only by completing quests in the Shopee app, we can now get free ad balances in the Shopee app. Do other quests to get additional ad balance and reward 5,000 coins. But remember that every gift you receive has an expiration date, so use your ad balance rewards and gold coins before they expire.

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