How to edit movie subtitles using Notepad and Subtitle Workshop

How To Edit Movie Subtitles Using Notepad And Subtitle Workshop

See how to edit movie subtitles using Notepad and Subtitle Workshop. How to edit an incorrect caption? For those who like to watch movies from abroad, be it Hollywood movies, Korean movies or serial dramas from abroad. Inappropriate subtitles will certainly make those who watch it less understand the film’s plot and conversations.

Inadequate subtitles in a movie that we usually come across when watching a movie downloaded from the internet and there is still no official Indonesian translation version. So we have to find the correct Srt file (subtitle text file) to be able to watch the movie more comfortably. But of the many subtitles you download, there are still many that are not right.

Often this imprecise subtitle occurs between the movie’s dialogue and the subtitle that appears in the movie. That’s why this time we are going to discuss how to edit subtitles whose timing is not right, not share about how to make full subtitles for movies.

How to edit movie subtitles using notepad

How To Edit Movie Subtitles Using Notepad And Subtitle Workshop

First, we will share how to edit movie subtitles using Notepad.

This method might be the easiest way as you don’t need to download additional software as the notepad application is usually already on your computer.

  1. In the first step, you can right-click on the SRT file you want to edit.
  2. Then you open it by Open With.
  3. After that, you select the Notepad program to open the SRT file.
  4. You will see that the srt file opens in Notepad and some text appears.
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To find out the function of the information that appears in the notepad, it is as follows:

  • The numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on in the srt notepad that appear are the sequence of subtitles that will be displayed in the movie.
  • The number of seconds in the notebook is the first duration the captioned text appears and the time the text disappears.
  • At the bottom of the duration is a subtitle which is the subtitle displayed in the movie.

Once you know the function of each description that appears in the srt notebook, you can now edit which captions you want to change.

You are going to change the duration or time, or you want to change the translation that is not right because the translation you downloaded is very unclear and meaningless.

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How to edit movie subtitles using Subtitle Workshop

The second way to edit movie subtitles is to use wordkshop subtitle software. So you must first download the Subtitle Workshop app.

After that, you open the Subtitle Workshop app and continue following the steps to edit the following movie subtitles:

  1. First, you open the movie for which you want to edit the translation or srt file. You open the Movie menu, click open and browse for the movie you want to edit the subtitles for.
  2. After that, you open the srt file by clicking on the file menu and selecting Load Subtitle.
  3. The movie will appear in section 1 and srt file will appear in section 2, and in section 3 it is useful for text editing process for start, stop and duration of displayed text.
  4. To edit the caption, you can click on the text that appears in part 2 and you can edit the time in part 3. And in part 4 it is used to edit the text that appears.
  5. When you’re done editing the subtitles, just click on the File menu and select Save.
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