How to easily fix Vivo’s striped and blinking HP screen –

How To Easily Fix Vivo’s Striped And Blinking Hp Screen –
How To Easily Fix Vivo'S Striped And Blinking Hp Screen -
How to easily fix Vivo's striped and blinking HP screen - 9. cara mengatasi layar hp bergaris dan berkedip vivo

How to overcome HP screen lines and flashes – Mobile is an important tool in life. it cannot be denied that cell phones have become one of the basic human needs. However, continued use of cell phones will also eliminate functions and even some of their abilities. An example of damage is the appearance of lines and flashes on the cell phone screen. Here’s how to fix Vivo screen with streaks and flashes that you can try:

1. Restart HP

Restarting the phone is the first step that can be taken to deal with the damage. Then proceed with activating ‘safe mode. Safe Mode functions to track operating system performance and track issues if they occur on the system. If there is a system failure, the system will automatically send a notification. Here’s how to enable the safe mode feature:

  • Press the power button until a pop-up option appears on the screen.
  • Select and hold the power off button until the next pop-up menu appears.
  • Select Ok to restart, the phone to Safe Mode feature. Then the mobile will automatically be in safe mode.
  • If you don’t find a popup menu on your mobile, the second method will be used.

2. Use developer options

The second way to deal with striped phones is to use developer options or commonly called developer options. The types of lines that can be removed using this option are white, vertical, horizontal, colored lines that occur due to system failures. On the settings page, developer options, there is also a display pointer location setting that can be selected or disabled. The way to find will enable developer options is:

  • Open the settings section on mobile.
  • Then select And click ‘about’ on the screen.
  • Then select the ‘training number’ column. Click and wait, then the system will automatically send a message that says “user has become a development”.
  • Then you can press the back button and open the “developer options” menu.
  • Press it and select the option to disable the “hint display” option. Then automatically the lines on the screen disappear.

3. Solve with the help of LCD Fixer Application

The next way to solve Vivo’s striped and flickering cell phone screen is to use the LCD filter app. Various supporting apps have been intentionally installed or built into some Android phones to anticipate the system damage that occurs. However, if it is not installed or not on your mobile, you can easily download it from the Play Store. Here’s how to use the LCD Fixer app:

  • Open the LCD Fixer application that has been installed on the mobile.
  • Select and agree to terms and conditions to activate the app.
  • Then select and press “check dead pixel and fix dead pixel” option to fix a striped cell phone screen. Wait for the system to start processing.

The way the LCD Fixer app works is by detecting cell phone pixel damage. In addition to being able to be used to remove lines on the screen, this app is also able to overcome the problem of hand stitches on the mobile screen.

4. Unload HP

The way to detect damage on the next cell phone is by disassembling the cell itself. By using this method, you will surely encounter problems on your mobile, not just guessing. Silencing and fixing a cell phone completely requires precision and patience.

5. Replace the LCD screen with a new one

If you think that the above method was not able to repair the cell phone, you can do the last method i.e. replace the cell phone LCD with a new one. Possibly if there is a flickering line or screen on the cell phone then there is damage to the LCD. If you intend to replace the LCD, choose the original LCD so that it will last a long time so that later problems like this do not appear again.

These are some ways to deal with the striped and flashing screen on your Vivo phone that you can try. Be sure to do the method or recommendation listed above. However, in case of doubt, you can go directly to the counter or ask for help from people with extensive experience in electronics.

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