How to easily create a Mi Cloud account on all types of Xiaomi mobiles

How To Easily Create A Mi Cloud Account On All Types Of Xiaomi Mobiles

Hello loyal visitors of! This time, the admin will provide a tutorial on how to create a Mi or MiCloud account. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that is the third largest smartphone distribution company in the world.

The company founded in 2010 is dedicated to creating user experiences in every aspect. To add convenience for every user.

Xiaomi has created a Mi account so that all users can easily connect to things. Mi Cloud is a data cloud service provided by Xiaomi where we can store data on Xiaomi servers.

And sync and track devices connected to Mi account. You can use the visitor’s Mi account to protect the visitor’s Xiaomi smartphone data by storing it on Mi Cloud or searching for the smartphone.

Mi account was created to improve the quality of service of Xiaomi smartphones. With a Mi account, visitors can use it to store data and protect visitors’ devices.

There are two methods that visitors can use to register a visitor’s Mi account. Visitors can register using their cell phones directly, or visitors can also log in to the website.

Benefits of creating a Mi or MiCloud account

How To Create A Mi Cloud Account

1. Mi Cloud data saving

With Mi account, visitors can enjoy MI Cloud. Visitors can save personal data stored on visitors’ Xiaomi smartphones on the MIUI server.

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Xiaomi offers up to 5GB of storage space that visitors can use as online storage. And it is useful for recovering data when resetting visitors’ Xiaomi phones or replacing them with new phones.

2. Protect Xiaomi smartphone

IM accounts can also be used as protection for visitors’ Xiaomi smartphones. Visitors can use the IM account to track or lock the visitor’s Xiaomi smartphone if the smartphone is lost or stolen.

If the visitor uses the IM account on the visitor’s smartphone, the recipient will not be able to open or view it. The Mi account that the visitor uses on the visitor’s smartphone will provide complete security.

With a registered account, visitors can also track the location of a lost smartphone in real time.

3. My Conversation

Mi Talk is a chat application between Xiaomi smartphone users. To use this app, download the MI Talk app from the Play Store. visitors just need to log in with the IM account that the visitor already has.

How to create a Mi account through a Xiaomi mobile directly

To learn how to create a Mi account on a visitor’s phone, refer to the following steps:

  1. Enter the visitor’s Xiaomi phone settings menu.
  2. Swipe down the screen, select an account and select Mi Account.
  3. Then select Create Account. There are two options that visitors can use to register, using the visitor’s email or mobile number.
  4. Enter the visitor’s email/mobile number and fill in the visitor’s account password and click Create Account
  5. The next step is to verify and open an email from Xiaomi in the form of activation of the visitor’s Mi account.
  6. Click the activation link in the email to activate the account.
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How to create a Mi account through the official Xiaomi website

You can create an account through the website by visiting the official Xiaomi website

  1. You can visit the Xiaomi account registration website here.
  2. Enter visitor’s email and click Create Mi Account or visitor can change using visitor’s mobile number. (Click the checkmark below to agree to Xiaomi Terms.)
  3. Then create a password for the visitor’s account and fill in the Captcha Code field.
  4. Click Submit to continue the registration process. How to create an account
  5. You will be prompted to open the visitor’s registered email for activation
  6. Click Activate in the email sent by Xiaomi.
  7. Done, the visitor account can be used.

This is how to create an IM account that visitors can do, I hope it will be useful.

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