How to Download Facebook Videos Easily

How To Download Facebook Videos Easily – Hello admin friends, in this meeting the admin will discuss information about How to Download Facebook Videos Easily.

On Facebook, you as a user can share videos from your profile or page. After being published on Facebook.

Facebook itself is one of the most popular apps. There are many features that you can take advantage of, you can also use it for business as well.

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And of course, not only that, you can watch movies, videos and much more there. And when there’s an interesting video that you want to download but don’t know how.

Of course, you don’t have to worry, as in this meeting the administrator will provide you with information on how How to download videos from facebook without using the app.

How to Download Videos on Facebook Without an App

Of course, there are a number of interesting videos on Facebook that can certainly be fun, which makes users want to download the video.

Facebook also doesn’t provide a video download feature. But there are several websites that can be used to download videos from Facebook, of course.

For those who don’t know how, don’t worry, you can follow the steps below.

Well, if you are too lazy to install apps, then of course you can use how to download Facebook videos without an app using free video download sites on the internet, among others.

  • SaveFrom.Net
  • Getfvid. with
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And like using the website above, the method is the same. You can also use it on Android phones and PCs. For those who don’t know how, here’s how below.

  • The first step is to copy the link of the FB video you want to download.
  • Then open one of the download sites above that you want to use.
  • Then copy the video link in the download field.
  • Then you select the resolution and download.

Of course, this site will help you to download and convert Facebook videos, you can also choose file formats like MP4 and MP3.

Or if you want to download private videos, follow the instructions provided by the online tool or the website on your phone.

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