How to disable the latest Smartfren 2020 package

How To Disable The Latest Smartfren 2020 Package

How to disable Smartfren package – There are many types of data packages that users can use when subscribing to a smartphone carrier. Smartfren is one of the Indonesian operators that manages to survive in its operations with the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network. The network offers channel sharing with a specific code regarding frequency or time.

However, Sinarmas operator has recently been actively promoting the 4G LTE network. Which is actually a network based on GSM and UMTS technology.

Smartfren puts GSM technology on its lap and offers various types of packages that customers can use. From voucher templates to other data plan subscriptions.

Smartfren offers an auto-expanding system for various types of packet data services. But in other cases, the auto-update system is not available. For services that do not implement the system. Users can easily choose to forward the package by purchasing the package manually or by switching to another package.

However, users who subscribe to Smartfren services with an automatic expansion system. You have to stop packages or unregister differently if you want to use different packages. So that the pulse does not suddenly disappear!.

How to disable Smartfren package

Pack How To Disable Smartfren

Smartfren Smart Plan

The smart plan package is a superior smartfren package that can be used for both prepaid and postpaid service users. This package is a 4G LTE package that provides convenience, many quotas at affordable prices, practicality and large quotas. To unsubscribe from this package, you can use the following methods:

The method :

  1. Open the SMS menu on your mobile.
  2. Create SMS with SMARTPLAN(space)OFF format
  3. then send it to 123
  4. So you stopped subscribing to the smart plan.

Social chat data plan

For customers who need access to social media, the social chat data plan package might be the right choice. This plan gives you free access to social media and messaging services. Like BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Path and LINE. Here is a method of unsubscribing or unsubscribing.

The method :

  1. Open the message or SMS menu on your mobile.
  2. Then type SMS with SC(space)Off format
  3. Then send the sms to 123.
  4. Also, there is an sms reply that managed to unsubscribe.

Volume Based Smartfren Connex

Smartfren connex volume based is an internet package on smartfren’s main network. This package provides packet data services based on the amount of data volume that can be used. Connex Smartfren Connex volume based service subscribers can unsubscribe using the following methods:

The method :

  1. Open the messages menu on your mobile.
  2. Continue typing a message with the format Connex(space)Off
  3. Then send the message to 123
  4. The package will end automatically.

Video data plan

Video data plans can be a pretty decent alternative for anyone looking to watch movies or videos online. This plan gives you access to affordable online videos with access to premium bonus movies for some packages. See how to unregister or subscribe to a video data plan.

The method :

  1. Open the SMS menu on your mobile.
  2. Type sms with VDP(space) format Off
  3. Then send sms to 123.
  4. With that the package ends.

Smartphones with Unlimited Internet

How to disable the latest Smartfren 2020 package Internet Unlimited Smartfren

Smartfren doesn’t just offer Internet services based on data volume. But also an Internet package with unlimited data access speed options in the Internet package. The way to unregister or unsubscribe from this package is slightly different from the above method as this can only be done using an app.

The method :

  1. Download the mysmartfren app from the google playstore.
  2. Then register and enter the main menu.
  3. Then select info, an unlimited internet package will appear.
  4. After that select the Off menu and confirm “yes”.
  5. Then the package will be terminated automatically.


These are some ways you can unregister or unsubscribe from smartfren packages. The method is quite easy to do and doesn’t take a lot of time.

So the discussion on how to disable the smartfren package, I hope it can increase your knowledge.

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