How to Delete Favorite WhatsApp Stickers (One at a Time)

How To Delete Favorite Whatsapp Stickers (One At A Time)

Having stickers on WhatsApp can make your chat more fun. Especially with the variety of stickers available.

In addition, you can also create your own stickers and add them to WhatsApp as you wish.

Well, in contrast to that, when there are a lot of stickers, sometimes you get bored with stickers.

All stickers on WhatsApp are not permanent. We can delete it as we wish. I will explain how here.

How to remove stickers from WhatsApp

Deleting stickers on WhatsApp will make it easy when you want to find new stickers. If you delete many stickers at once, it will also make WhatsApp lighter.

This is because the memory used becomes smaller. Suitable for HP with limited specs.

You can do this through the File Manager. like the following:

1. Please open File manager and select
internal storage

Open Internal Storage On Hp

2. Then open Internal Memory. Then look for the folder
WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Stickers.

3. If so, tap and hold one of the stickers and select Happy. Or if you want them all you can play choose all and tap the menu delete all.

Remove All Wa Stickers

4. Done.

For your information, the sticker you received chat WhatsApp goes straight to folder
this. You can regularly delete it as needed.

For this guide I did it through a Samsung cell phone. Most Android phones are more or less the same way.

How to delete WhatsApp stickers at once

In addition to going through the File Manager, you can also delete WhatsApp stickers directly from the application. The method is practically not difficult, similar to when you wantdownload stickers on WhatsApp.

The difference here you do not press icon downloadbut you have to press delete icon to start deleting the sticker you want to remove.

For more details, you can follow these steps:

1. First open WhatsApp chat first.

2. Then tap icon
emoticons in the column Message.

Ketuk Wa Emoticon Icon

3. Then tap icon
on the right.

Tap The Add Whatsapp Icon

4. Select the tab my stickers then tap icon Delete the sticker you want to remove.

Remove Stickers At Once Menu

5. Later, a notification will appear, tap Happy Confirm.

Confirm Wa Sticker Deletion

6. Done. Repeat this method if there are other stickers you want to remove.

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How to Delete Favorite WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp also allows you to bookmark the stickers you like. This makes it easy for you to use your favorite sticker if needed.

Too many favorite stickers can also make it difficult to find you. So if anyone is bored, it’s best to just delete the sticker.

How to delete it, you can follow as follows:

1. The first step, open one of your WhatsApp chats.

2. Next tap icon bintang and press and hold one of the stickers you want to remove from favorites.

Tap The Favorite Wa Icon

3. Later, a notification will appear, tap Happy Confirm.

Confirm Deletion Of Wa Favorite Sticker

4. Done.

This method can only delete one favorite sticker at a time. If you have more stickers that you want to remove from your favorites, you can repeat this method.

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the final word

As discussed above, removing unused adhesives can offer several advantages.

For example, making the WhatsApp app lighter to make it easier to find stickers to use.

If there’s anything you don’t understand, ask in the comments column I’ve provided below.

It might be useful.

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