How to create and delete a photo album on your iPhone?

How To Create And Delete A Photo Album On Your Iphone?
How To Create And Delete A Photo Album On Your Iphone?

Today, iPhones and smartphones are part of our daily companions. Meanwhile, cameras in cell phones have become a replacement for a camera. The megapixel resolution of new mobile phones is getting better and better so that the snapshots are also of excellent quality.

So people quickly grab the iPhone to capture important events visually. Over time, however, the gallery fills up and it becomes difficult to keep up with the “photo clutter”. The following article describes how to organize images into photo albums and, if necessary, delete them again.

How to create a photo album on iPhone?

First, open the photo app on iPhone and press “Albums” in the menu bar at the bottom right. Then all albums are displayed; in the next step, you click on the upper left corner of the screen on the “+” sign. It will open a new “New Album” window. Then enter the desired folder name in the input field and select “save” in the lower right corner of the window. You will be redirected to “All Photos” now, select and click on the appropriate photos for the newly created album. Each of the chosen images receives a blue circle with a white mark in the middle; Finally, click “Done” in the upper right corner of the mouse and you will be taken directly to the new album.

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Add new photos to the album: Go to “All Photos” and tap “Select” in the upper right corner. Then click on the corresponding images and click “Add” in the middle below. The album overview opens, where the appropriate album is connected and photos are added. you can download gba4ios for iOS 15 to enjoy retro games on your iPhone.

How to delete photo album on iPhone?

You navigate to the album view and click “Edit” in the upper right corner. Then you search for the folder to be deleted by clicking the “-” sign in the upper left corner of the preview image. Then select “Delete” and confirm the process again. A note appears, the photos themselves will not be deleted, but will remain under “All Photos”.

It is a critical note as the photos will not be moved to their respective albums; they will only be linked to All Photos. So if you delete an image from the main gallery, it will disappear there, but all links to albums will also be removed. However, the more photos there are in the main gallery, the more advisable it is to catalog them in different photo albums. Avoid tedious and time-consuming scrolling through the entire gallery. You can also put the best 5-10 photos from your last vacation, short city trip, theater visit or similar in an album and show them to your friends as a small slideshow right on your iPhone or send them later via WhatsApp.

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