How to contact IM3 via call center, email, social media

How To Contact Im3 Via Call Center, Email, Social Media

Indosat Ooredo Customer Service is a solution for customer complaints when facing problems with IM3, Mentari or Matrix Oooredo card phone numbers. Most Indosat users always choose to call the Indosat call center phone number, which results in long lines and customer waiting times. You’d better find out other methods of contacting IM3, such as via email, social media, and points of sale.

Cs Indosat

If you want to save time and HP battery, it is a good idea to use the option talking with customer service (or you can also chatbot) through the app talking as well as features talking especially on social media Twitter by direct message. Customer Service Indosat Twitter also offers a specific complaint service for your IM3 Ooredo mobile number/account (not just general complaints).

Indosat Call Center

In contrast to bank call centers that use premium numbers and calling rates, Indosat’s latest call center calls are relatively cheap and can even be free. You can contact IM3 or Indosat via the customer service below.

Via Indosat Ooredoo Call Center

Call Center Axis 24 Congestion

Call 185 free postpaid tariffs and Rp1,000/call for prepaid users for all Indosat users and for all services. Call 186 for product service information, toll free. However, served by an answering machine.

For landlines up to 021 3000 3000 with costs depending on each operator and for all services. for users international roaming some postpaid to +6281612020 and prepaid to +6281612050. The applicable tariff is in accordance with the tariff international roaming each country, my friends.

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The Indosat Ooredoo Call Center can only be contacted via the Indosat mobile number, with the exception of the Indosat customer service number 021-3000-3000 which can be contacted through other operators and landlines.

For 186, it is a free call center for Indosat, but it only provides information about Indosat products and ways to contact Indosat Ooredo customer service through other media. Still, you should contact Indosat for another customer service, namely customer service 185.

Contact Indosat IM3 by email

How To Contact Im3 Via Call Center, Email, Social Media

Before submitting a complaint, you must first specifically formulate which complaint you wish to resolve. Use good and correct Indonesian and organize sentences. A good opportunity to file a complaint by email.

You can freely write anything that is a complaint. After filling in the text of the complaint, send it to the email [email protected]

What about Indosat IM3 social media?

Social Networks 3

This should be the easiest IM3 contact method considering that friends back home must have social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LINE and Instagram. Good news for those who rarely open emails and don’t have time to call.

Because Indosat makes social networks available to also respond to your complaints. Just go to Twitter: and Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Youtube IM3 Ooredoo. Line: IM3 Ooredoo (@im3ooredoo). You can submit complaints via talking.

Of the various social media owned by Indosat, the fastest response to complaints is Twitter Indosat Care. You may mention or Direct Massage inform about disturbances in Indosat Ooredo.

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Contact Via Indosat Ooredo

Indosat Output

The Indosat point of sale is the newest Indosat customer service center 2019. If you have problems that are difficult to solve through the Indosat call center or other means of communication, you can go directly to the nearest Indosat Gallery in your city.

For example, replacing a damaged or lost Indosat SIM card, upgrading an Indosat 3G card to a 4G card (you can do this independently by ordering a 4G upgrade card), and reactivating an Indosat number that died due to a lost SIM card, and so on.

Grapari Indosat operates in many cities such as Indosat Gallery Bekasi, Surabaya, East Jakarta, South Jakarta, Tangerang, Jogjakarta, Malang, Sidoarjo, Kediri, Karawang, Jombang, Solo, Bogor, Depok, Medan and others.

You can access the complete list of Indosat Gallery addresses on the official page. Don’t forget to bring your Indosat SIM card, the original Indosat number owner ID card and a signed stamp duty power of attorney from the owner if the owner is unable to attend.

Is it possible to use a code dialer?

I Forgot My Cell Phone Number

Indosat also has free Indosat customer service, accessing the code *185#. The available menus include: verification of package information, verification of registered services, verification of the last transaction carried out (SMS, calls, etc.) and presentation of claims.

If you wish to submit a complaint, please enter *185#, select 4 = My Report, select the category of issue you are experiencing and provide details of the issue as per the displayed instructions. You will receive an SMS in the form of a report number and then contact the Indosat Center who will follow up on your problem.

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After a while, a popup will appear to confirm that the issue you are experiencing is resolved. However, this method is less effective because the categories of claims are limited. In the meantime, you can try other things, but you don’t fall into the category.

This is the end of the information on how to get in touch with IM3 via the call center, social networks, e-mail and Indosat points of sale. If you have problems, from Indosat signal error, Indosat 4G error, Indosat failure to send SMS or even 5x registration failure, you can choose one of the above methods according to its effectiveness. See you in the next article.

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