How to Change Windows RDP Password

How To Change Windows Rdp Password

Remote Desktop or commonly known as RDP has many uses, one of the most important is to run various programs remotely, even from mobile devices.

Most people buy RDP from a service rather than manually building a server, because it’s affordable and doesn’t require anything to be installed. Then you just need to enter the information user name and password of course, then the user successfully logs into RDP and can manage everything directly.

Authentication on RDP is almost the same as on a computer. And users can freely change the password as desired. And in this article I will explain the easy steps to change password.

Changing password in Windows RDP

ada two ways which will be shared here on RDP password change. I think both are equally easy, but the first way is much faster and more practical. And don’t wait any longer, here are the steps.

1. Change RDP password using CTRL ALT END

Click on the button CTRL+ALT+END while in RDP. And then a complete dialog box will appear on the screen and select the menu Change Password.

Change Password In Rdp

After that, fill in the current password and the password to be changed in the given column. Until I finally click the button ENTER to keep it. Very easy isn’t it?

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2. Changing RDP password through settings

The first method is really very easy and quick to do, but there is also an alternative way if you have difficulty entering the menu to change the password from the keyboard key combination. So the alternative way is to change it directly in Windows settings.

  1. Buka Windows Settings.

  2. click on the menu Bills.

  3. After that click on the menu login options.

    Click Menu Login Options

  4. Then click on the menu Password.

    Click On The Password Menu

  5. A small dialog box will appear below it, click the button Change.

    Changing Windows Rdp Password

  6. Now, enter the current password and click Next.

    Creating A New Rdp Password

  7. Continue to fill in the new password and confirm the password as well.

    Confirming The Creation Of New Rdp Password

  8. In column Tipfill in with questions or something tip password, so it’s easy to remember in case you forget it.

  9. And the last step, click the button Finish to keep it.

The second way is a bit long considering it’s through settings, but its functionality is the same as the first. Where the user needs the current password to be able to change to a new password.

And in the second way there are additional columns Tip which is useful to give tip against the password in case of forgetting it at any time. So the system Tip on Windows this will appear when you enter the wrong password 2 times.

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Changing the RDP password can be done easily with all the above methods, but the first method is faster and easier as long as RDP supports calling the key combination. If the key combination creates a conflict between RDP and the computer, then the user can use the second step i.e. through Windows settings.

Changes to the RDP password can usually also be made through the RDP service provider that is currently in use. or if you use VPS, there is sometimes documentation for doing this via powershell. And actually, there are still many ways to change RDP password, but I think the above two methods are enough.

If you have difficulty with some steps related to the above tutorial, I suggest writing comments according to the issue for further assistance.

Hope it helps and good luck

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