How to change username on Spotify

How To Change Username On Spotify

Chances are you’re familiar with Spotify if you’re a music fan. With it, you can listen to music from all over the world and find similar tracks using a smart algorithm. However, it has one small flaw. It remains a mystery how to change Spotify username despite its flexible algorithm.

Here’s how you can change your Spotify username based on any of the following methods:

  • Method 1: Connect Spotify with Facebook
    • on the desktop
    • On mobile (Android and iOS)
    • Signing up with Facebook (1st time)
  • Method 2: Change your display name
    • on the desktop
    • On mobile (Android and iOS)

In addition to its 345 million monthly users, Spotify also has 150 million subscribers, each with their own username, making it the second most popular music streaming app after Apple Music. Spotify assigns users usernames consisting of letters and numbers by default, but users can change them later. However, you cannot change your Spotify username easily because there are two types of identifiers i.e. your ‘Username’ and your ‘Display Name’.

Creating a permanent Spotify username allows you to access your account and identify yourself. On the other hand, your display name appears on your profile, app, and playlist when other people view it. It replaces your public username. Spotify doesn’t let you log in with your display name, but you can easily change it.

There are some workarounds for changing usernames, even if they are permanent. Here you will find a detailed explanation of how to change your Spotify username on various platforms.

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Method One: Connect Spotify with Facebook

Spotify automatically replaces your current username with your Facebook name when you link your Facebook account. Connecting an existing Spotify account with an existing Facebook account works in the same way as signing up for Spotify directly from Facebook. See how:

Connecting existing accounts with Facebook

on the desktop

1. Click the drop-down arrow next to your profile picture and name in the upper right corner of the Spotify app.


2. Click settings from the drop-down menu

Click On Configuration
click on configuration

3. Select the connect to Facebook option in the ‘Social’ setting

Click Connect With Facebook
Click Connect with facebook

4. Click ‘Log In’ and enter your login information

5. Now you will see your Facebook name as your username

On mobile (Android and iOS)

1. To get started, just click the “Home” icon in your Spotify app on your mobile device

Click on the Home icon

2. Click the settings icon in the upper right corner

click on configuration

3. Click the ‘Connect to Facebook’ link on the Social tab


4. Enter your email and password and click Login

5. Your Facebook name will appear as your username after login

Subscribing with Facebook

1. Visit Spotify website and click ‘Sign Up’. A signup page will appear with an option to ‘Sign up with Facebook’ at the top


3. Click on the ‘Sign up with Facebook’ button

4. Login with your Facebook credentials

5. You will receive an account with the same name as your Facebook account

Method Two: Change Your Display Name

Display names appear in other people’s feeds or playlists when they visit your profile. You can easily edit them unlike a username.

on the desktop

1. On the desktop, open the Spotify app. Select your profile picture and name from the drop-down arrow in the top right corner

Click On Your Profile Picture

2. From the drop-down menu, click Profile

Click On Profile

3. In the following window, your profile page appears, with your display name in bold at the top. To change your display name, click on it

Click Display Name

4. Enter the new name and click the “Save” button to apply the changes

Enter The Desired Name

On mobile (iOS and Android)

2. Click the “Home” icon in your Spotify app on your mobile device

Click on the Home icon

2. Tap the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen

Click On The Configuration Gear Icon

3. Select the ‘View Profile’ link in settings, which is next to your profile picture and display name


4. Then click on ‘Edit Profile’. After clicking on the next screen, you will have the option to update your display name and profile picture

Click On Edit Profile

5. Click the display name and enter the desired name

Enter The Desired Name

6. Finalize the changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button in the upper right corner

You can create a new Spotify account with the username of your choice and request that the data be transferred to the new account if none of the previous options work. In any case, you will need to close your account and cancel your subscription.

If you close your account, you will lose all your playlists, music libraries and followers. Spotify’s customer support team can help you transfer all your data within seven days of closing your old account.

Let’s wrap this up:

It’s your username that represents you on Spotify. So, you must have control over how it reads and looks. With the above steps, you will be able to change your Spotify username to whatever you want in a matter of minutes.

What other ways are there to change Spotify username? Comment below!

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