How to Change Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi Modem Password

How To Change Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi Modem Password

Tutorial How to Change the Wifi Modem Password Huawei E5577. Huawei is currently one of the electronic giants in the bamboo curtain country which is quite calculated.

Because Huawei is growing rapidly from year to year and it has many innovations that are enough to make it easier for human being to carry out their daily activities supported by technology invented by Huawei.

In addition to producing gadgets, Huawei also produces various tools or other electronic devices. Huawei’s products are quite sophisticated and compete with other giant electronics companies.

Huawei has also been bad and known like Apple and Samsung. Huawei has a device that is highly sought after by users these days, namely a wifi modem or mifi.

Modem Face Reset Huawei E5577

What is a wifi modem or mifi?

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A wifi modem or mifi is an electronic device that is used to broadcast the internet network.

This results in a wifi network that can be connected to nearby devices such as cell phones or PCs or laptops.

By using a mifi or wifi modem, of course, it becomes easier for users.

Because this wifi modem is small and easy to carry anywhere and can be used by more than one device at the same time.

Simply put, using a wifi modem or mifi you can save more because you don’t have to buy multiple data packages if you have more than one cell phone.

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Just buy a data pack with the card on the wifi modem. And you can use it on multiple phones at the same time, even on your computer or laptop.

Technological advancements today are really huge and extraordinary so you can combine a modem with wifi in one hand.

In the past, modems could only be used on laptops or PCs where the modem was in the form of a USB that needed to be plugged into a laptop or PC.

Although Wi-Fi is still widely used, on average Wi-Fi is a device installed in the home. Like sticking to the wall and not being taken anywhere.

But Huawei is currently combining two devices at the same time in one hand, which is an amazing new advancement.

Dude Login Admin Huawei Hilink

How to Change Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi Modem Password

As for connecting to a mifi or wifi modem, you must enter by entering a password.

To be more secure and not everyone can use it, but what if your wifi modem password is known to many people. Of course, this can hurt you because other people can use your wifi without asking your permission first.

For this you need to change your mifi password periodically so that it is not easy to guess or crack the password.

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here to find out how to change huawei e5577 wifi modem passwordhere are the steps to watch out for.

  • Install Huawei hilink app which you can download from play store
  • Once installed, open the app, but before opening this app, make sure your mobile is connected to your Huawei E5577 mifi or wifi modem
  • Once the device is connected, a notification will appear that your device is still using the default password or Huawei default password and select OK to replace it
How To Use Huawei Hilink App
  • Then select the settings menu, tap the settings icon on the top right corner of your mobile screen, select the account.
Huawei Hilink Admin Login
  • Then in the account settings, a window will appear with two options i.e. modify login password and logout, then select modify login password to change your mifi password
Default Password Mifi Huawei
  • Fill in the password you are currently using in your current password. Then fill in the new password field to enter a new password. And confirm the password to repeat the new password
  • After that click OK, your Huawei E5577 wifi modem has been replaced successfully.

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Some tips How to Change Huawei E5577 Wi-Fi Modem Password this time from tipandroid. Hope I helped, and thanks.

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