How to Beat Android Totally Dead with No Service Needed

How To Beat Android Totally Dead With No Service Needed | Cell phones are one of the soul mates of modern society. how to solve android totally dead it is one thing that is most sought after if the phone starts to crash and even shuts down completely. How not, if the phone is dead and does not turn on, it is the same as disrupting our performance. Especially if you often use Android smartphones to speed up work (like checking social networks for online stores, sending emails and various important files through smartphones for office workers, and so on).

Total dead cell phone commonly referred to as brick process. What you mean Brick in itself is a problem mistake What happened to boot manager Android.

If the cell phone is in this condition, it is certain that the cell phone will be completely dead, completely unusable and even the cell phone will not be able to turn on at all.

Log in recovery mode android and download mode android doesn’t work either.

Here’s How To Beat Android Totally Dead Alone

In addition to handing our cell phones over to a technician, we can also try to fix them ourselves.

How to solve a totally dead android is not very difficult, the important thing is that we do the steps according to the tutorial below.

Tricks How To Beat Android Total Dead With Download Mode

Step 1:

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Remove all phone components. From the start of the SIM card, memory card, battery removed and let it rest for 20 minutes.

After that, reinstall all the components that were removed, turn on the phone, if it works, download it immediately to flashing.

Step 2:

Connect Android to computer using USB. First of all, remove all the components that make up the phone.

After that, press the power button, turn the volume up and down simultaneously until you hear a sound”beep“On the computer.

If you don’t hear it, repeat by pressing the power button, turn the volume up and down again for up to 3 minutes.

After that, reinstall the battery and all other components, then go to download for flashing.

Step 3:

if the second how to solve android totally dead which also doesn’t work, you should use the last method with software “One-click unlockingand here are the steps:

How To Beat Android Totally Dead With One Click Unbrick
  • Make sure it’s done on a PC device with the program Java.
  • download software One-click unlocking.
  • Connect to HP with USB.
  • Open the One Click Unbrick software and click ‘not soft brick‘, wait until the error message appears and select the option ‘Resolution Center‘.
  • Then click on the menu ‘extract current folder‘ which is in the folders section heimdall.
  • Then copy the file ‘one click loader‘ and also ‘one click unlock‘ which was downloaded in the heimdall folder.
  • After that, right-click on the software’one click loader‘ and select the option ‘execute as administrator‘.
  • Then click on the menu again’not soft brick‘, the error message will automatically appear again, but leave it alone.
  • Restart your computer!
  • Then disconnect the USB cable, disconnect the HP components
  • Install all HP components and log in download modeHow to press home, power and volume down buttons at the same time.
  • If successful, do flashing.
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How to beat Android’s death toll and treatment

Later managed to overcome the totally dead androidyou should take care of our cell phone.

One of them is to use the cell phone at a certain time, do not force the cell phone to work continuously for 24 hours.

If you are using the phone (for any purpose) for an hour, leave or rest the phone for at least half an hour.

It is intended to cool down the phone’s components and minimize the risk of a crash or bootloop.

I hope the information how to solve android totally dead that might help!

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