How long is the Tiktok account temporarily blocked

How Long Is The Tiktok Account Temporarily Blocked

TikTok app is currently a trend among people in various countries. On tiktok, you can upload videos and view videos from other tiktok users. In addition, you can also make buy and sell transactions in this trending app.

But in its usage, there are some problems experienced by some users. For example, the app cannot be opened, cannot post comments, Tiktok is temporarily or permanently blocked, and other obstacles.

How long is a Tiktok account temporarily blocked?

If you have problems with your TikTok account being temporarily blocked, you don’t have to worry because your account can still come back.

Regarding how long the tiktok account is temporarily blocked, it usually takes around two weeks for the account to be used again. But sometimes it doesn’t even take two weeks, of course, the time is different for each blocked account.

When a tiktok account is temporarily blocked, often videos you have shared before will decrease the number of views. This is a common feature that your account has been temporarily blocked.

Causes TikTok account to be temporarily blocked

Photos How Long Tiktok Account Is Temporarily Blocked

For those who are experiencing issues with their TikTok account being temporarily blocked and not knowing what the cause is, please see the following review on some of the things that caused their TikTok account to be temporarily blocked.

1. There is an element of fraud

The first thing that causes the Tiktok account to be temporarily blocked is because there is an element of fraud. Accounts are usually blocked because there are complaints from other Tiktok users who think there is customer fraud or other fraud.

The report can then be tracked by tiktok, if the account actually violated tiktok policy, the account will be blocked automatically.

2. There Are Signs of Hacking

Tiktok accounts can also be blocked due to repeated account login attempts. Then the tiktok party will temporarily block the account. So, avoid logging in on multiple devices.

3. Publication of content about Crime or Provocation

The reason the tiktok account is temporarily blocked is because of content that invites crime and provocation. So the tiktok part will provide a policy to protect all users of this app.

4. Publication of alcohol and drug use

Furthermore, the cause of your tiktok account being blocked could also be due to posts about using alcohol, drugs and other illegal drugs. This uneducated content can be a bad influence on other tiktok users.

5. There is spam in videos, comments and messages

If you send spam messages or spam comments to other users, your account may be temporarily blocked. This could be due to a complaint from an account that received spam messages or comments from you. then your account will be blocked by tiktok.

6. There is Harassment or Intimidation in the Content

If tiktok content contains harassment or bullying from other users, this could also cause the account to be temporarily blocked. This is a tiktok action for users who violated policies that have been implemented.

How to Restore a Temporarily Locked TikTok Account

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Once you know what can be the cause of a temporarily locked tiktok account then you need to know how to restore a locked tiktok account. Here are some ways you can go about it.

1. File a Complaint Report

The way to restore a temporarily blocked tiktok account is to file a complaint report and send it to tiktok email. But you need to remember again, if you want to restore a locked tiktok account, you must know the account.

You must remember your username, phone number or email and password. If you’ve completed everything, you can immediately file a complaint report to Tiktok via email to [email protected] or [email protected]

2. Reinstalling the TikTok App

After you have finished submitting a complaint report, the next way you can do to restore a locked TikTok account is to delete the most recent posts in your TikTok account. If you have, you will need to delete the tiktok app and reinstall it. This is so you can get the latest features back in full.

3. Avoid posts that break the rules

The third way is that you cannot post videos banned by tiktok. This is so that you don’t get an extension of the temporary lock on your account, that if an extension occurs it will take longer to restore the tiktok account. even worse, your account may be permanently blocked if you still violate tiktok rules.

4. Hindari Spam TikTok

The last way is to avoid spam. Don’t follow too many users too soon. This may make your account locked again and may be locked permanently by tiktok.

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