How downtown Darien is changing – Neirad

How Downtown Darien Is Changing – Neirad

Corbin District is re-imagining Darien. From new restaurants to new apartments, there are certainly many changes to come. This transformation began in 2019, with “extreme attention to detail.” When it comes to shopping, you have plenty of options in the Corbin district. Barrett Bookstore, Darien Toy Box and Darien Sports Store are just a few of the many places to shop.

The plan is “to offer the best in fashion, design and lifestyle”. That’s not all the Corbin District has to offer. Dining is also a big part of downtown Darien. Just a few of the restaurants here are the Gofer ice cream, the Bodega taco bar, and the cauldron. Offices and residences, such as luxury apartments, will soon be part of the district when construction is complete. While some support this change, others fear the loss of small businesses and the city’s “home” feel.

How Downtown Darien Is Changing – Neirad
A photo of what downtown Darien will look like. (Federal Real Estate)

While some are opposed to the new buildings, a new move for Darien would be very beneficial. DHS students are looking forward to all the new dining and shopping options available. At a freshman lunch table, students talked about how they were looking forward to new stores so close. Freshman Lauren Savino and Lola Byrnes talked about how happy they were not having to drive to Greenwich from New Canaan to shop.

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When asked about the Corbin district, Byrnes said: “I love it. they need more [new] buildings because our city is boring. Modernize with blueprints” This perspective is quite understandable. Darien hasn’t undergone any serious changes in the city for as long as I can remember and I have lived in Darien for almost 10 years.

How Downtown Darien Is Changing – Neirad
A photo of David Harvey jewelers, one of the many stores in Darien. (Doug Kerr)

I can see how some people who have lived in Darien the longest are desperate for something new. While new stores have sprung up and increased the popularity of Darien towns like Playa Bowls and Whim, there are only a few stores you can go to. With new restaurants, offices, mall and homes. Corbin District offers many new opportunities for Darien to expand and succeed.

Corbin’s new up-and-coming district has raised the concern of many across the city in recent months as we’ve seen progress. Ever since small businesses and the like began to be demolished due to the ‘renovation’ that would take place in the next few years, Darien residents were asked what new there would be to offer. Students at Darien High School expressed their dislike of this. An anonymous Junior says: “They’re really filling it with these new restaurants and ‘bougie’ stores or whatever, but [making the new plaza] really got rid of the homely feeling [it] had before.”

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How Downtown Darien Is Changing – Neirad
As is a current street in downtown Darien. (Doug Kerr)

Many others spoke of their displeasure with some of their previously favorite stores and businesses being demolished for this new center. It might seem like a quick change to some, but seeing as how the peeks we’re getting at the new center are getting negative feedback, in the end, is it really worth all the hype?

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