How Bug Vector FF Teleport + Immortal Latest 2022 Unfixed

How Bug Vector Ff Teleport + Immortal Latest 2022 Unfixed

Face Bug Vector FF – It is natural that in the Free Fire game there are bugs, as the existence of bugs may not be provided by the Free Fire game developer.

Because in the gaming world, bugs are common, so you don’t have to worry if you find a bug in the Free Fire game.

Recently amid a viral bug vector in the Free Fire game. Allegedly with this bug you can teleport or even become immortal because of the use of dual vectors.

Read this article in full to discover the Free Fire bug vector and how to use it.

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Face Bug Vector Ff

For those of you who want to try this bug, we recommend not doing it too often because you feel sorry for other players for continually bugging you, but if you’re still worried about trying, you can follow the tutorial below.

  1. First you have to enter “training mode” first. Because you can only do this Vector FF Bug in training mode, folks.
  2. How to bug a vector so that Free Fire is delayed on the enemy, who then has to buy “vector and katana”. Both things you must have and cannot be done using other weapons.
  3. Then you press the “akimbo or double button simultaneously with the katana button” while holding down Vector. You have to be precise, folks, because this bug can only be done with precision.
  4. If it works, you might see a bug where you keep the vector and katana together.
  5. If the bug doesn’t work, you can try until it works, don’t worry, it won’t take long to do that.
  6. After that you can throw the katana away but unfortunately it’s not cool folks, one holds the katana and the other holds the vector.
  7. And it’s not easy to use the latest bug vector 2021 folks.
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1. Cara Bug Vector Free Fire Teleport

How to bring the Free Fire vector bug is really very easy, here are the steps to bring the FF teleport vector bug:

  1. Play the Free Fire game in pairs with your friends, then tell them to use double vector and katana.
  2. Press a vector, then you can press the katana and also the double vector at the same time.
  3. Instruct your friend to drop the katana he is holding so that the bugs appear.
  4. When the bug appears, you will see your friend’s character harden like a robot and your own character can teleport remotely.

2. Face Bug Vector Free Fire Immortal

Triggering the Immortal bug is actually not much different when you do the double vector teleport bug.

The difference is that you need to find a bike first to make this immortal free fire vector bug.

Your friend should also use dual vectors and use a pan, machete or katana as before.

When you ride a motorcycle, your friends will see you stopped.

So when you ride a motorcycle you will not be seen, that means you will become immortal when no one can see you.

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Maybe that’s our discussion this time about How to Bug Vector FF, How to Overcome it and the function of using this bug, I hope this discussion can help everyone, thank you very much.

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