Holidays celebrated in space with the world’s first space hotel

Holidays Celebrated In Space With The World’s First Space Hotel

Now the day is not far off when the people of Earth will go to space for a holiday. Space tourism has already begun; now, it’s just staying there and spending a few days.

Recently, a company called Orbital Assembly Corp. announced the construction of two space stations for tourists. These are two unique stations – Pioneer Station and Voyager Station.

Pioneer Station
Pioneer Station will be like this.

The Pioneer station can accommodate 28 people and will be operational in 2025. At the same time, the Voyager station will be much more significant. It was announced in 2021. It can accommodate 400 people and is scheduled to start in 2027.

Pioneer Station Space Hotel
People will not feel weightless here.

The company’s objective is to create a space like the ‘Business Park’, which will also have offices and tourists. Tim Alatorre, COO of Orbital Assembly Corp (OAC), says our goal is to make space a destination people yearn to see; there will also be gravity.

Pioneer Station Living Room
Artificial gravity will also be available.

OAC is building the world’s first hybrid space station for work and travel. They will also feature artificial gravity, allowing visitors to work, move and play as they normally would on Earth. But at the moment, this technology is not available on space stations.

Orbital Assembly Corp Pioneer Station
Artificial gravity will also be available.

The future of these space hotels consists of several modules connected to the elevator shaft by a rotating wheel that revolves around the Earth.

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Pioneer Station Living Room
There Will Also Be Offices And Lounges.

Commercialization of these space parks will include integrated circuit manufacturing, photonics, fiber optics, satellite rework, military applications, biomaterials, organ growth, and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the company will also provide a communication hub for space tourism.

Tim Alatore says we see our Pioneer and Voyager space stations as ecotourism tourist destinations.

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