History, locations, routes, facilities and ticket prices

History, Locations, Routes, Facilities And Ticket Prices

Wisatakuliner.id – Hello travel friends, on this occasion we will provide information about tourist attractions Plengkung Ivory Jogja which is located in Kraton district, Yogyakarta city.

Yogyakarta is known for its royal history, uniquely you can find various modern building models in combination with traditional building forms that have many meanings for each of these buildings.

One of them is plengkung ivory. This ivory plateau is the gate or exit or entrance that leads to Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat or what is often dubbed the Jogja palace.

Who doesn’t know Jogja Kertaon, this palace is a palace full of history during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, who was governor and king of Yogyakarta.

Actually, this is not called Plengkung Gading Plengkung, but Plengkung Nirbaya, which means free from worldly dangers.

Plengkung Gading is also open to the public, this building has five main gates including: Plengkung Taruno Siro on the north side, Plenkung Madyasuro on the east side.

Plengkung Jagabaya is on the southwest side, Plengkung Jaga Suro is on the west side of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta, and Plengkung Gading is located on the south side.

Gading Plengkung has a Siren Tower where the siren sounds only for two moments, namely every August 17th, to remember the seconds of independence from the Republic of Indonesia and just before breaking the fast in the month of Ramadan.

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You can also use this gate to go to Kidun Square and Taman Sari. Plengkung Ivory has a myth, namely that it can only be lost by the late sultan.

However, if any ordinary person who died could not pass through this gate, he would have to find another way, even if his residence was close to the ivory arch.

On this ivory plate is a carved image of a bird sucking the juice from a flower, if in Javanese it is Lajering Sekar Sinesep Peksi.

If you want to know when this gate was built, you just need to find out the meaning of the word Lajering Sekar Sinesep Peksi because this phrase has many meanings.

The word Lajering means number one, Sekar means number nine, Sekar means number one, Peksi means number one and Sinesep means number six. From there we can say that this gate was built in 1961.

For those who like to take pictures, this place is perfect for you, especially during the day and at night you will feel the feel of Yogyakarta city in the past.

Story of Plengkung Gading Jogja

Jogja Plengkung Gading Tour
History, locations, routes, facilities and ticket prices Wisata Plengkung Gading Jogja

Hundreds of years ago, not just anyone could get in and out of Yogyakarta Palace.

Dozens of guards in the palace soldiers, complete with edged weapons, appeared to be strong and threatening anyone who intended to venture into the palace area.

A fierce face earns them respect even just to pass in front of them too, the local people prefer not to.

All who have an interest in getting in and out of the palace must be willing to go through the missions carried out by the loyal soldiers of the Palace to ensure that no one dares to misbehave.

The palace guards were spread across five fortresses located in five different directions. Plengkung Gading Jogja is one of them, currently known as the gateway to the interior landscape of the palace (jeron).

Standing in the middle of downtown Jogja, which at the time was still the territory of the Mataram Kingdom, the five plengkungs were majestic and robust.

With a height of over four meters and a wall thickness of over 30 cm, the entire plengkung is clearly very well designed to provide protection for Yogyakarta Palace.

The term Plengkung itself is actually taken from the curved corner of Beteng or the people of Jogja say Plengkung.

Each Plengkung has its own name, for example Plengkung Nirbaya, Plengkung Madyasura, Plengkung Wijilan, Plengkung Jagabaya and Plengkung Jagasurya.

The five Plengkungs are still in good condition, especially the Plengkung Ivory which is still frequently the subject of photos by local and foreign tourists.

The shape may be simple, reminiscent of a full-sized gate, but Plengkung Gading Jogja has an interesting history, so it’s not wrong to consider it one of Jogja’s historic tours.

According to its location, Plengkung is the gateway to the southern palace.

Hundreds of years ago, when the Yogyakarta Kraton was still in power to become the legitimate government in the Jogja area, Plenkung Gading became the main gateway for the local population who wanted to enter the Keraton area.

Each Plengkung has its own history, including Plengkung Gading, Plengkung which was formerly known as Nirbaya Plengkung is one of the two Plengkung that still has its full form today.

If we want to enter the Jogja Palace from the south, we will pass this sign. Nirbaya has its own meaning. “Nir” means nothing while “baya” means danger.

So when combined, nirbaya means there is no imminent danger.

Hundreds of years ago, when Yogyakarta Palace was still in power as the only kingdom in the Jogja area, no one was allowed to go through Plengkung Gading.

According to written historical sources stored in the palace, this plengkung was only used as an entrance and exit for the body of the Sultan of Jogja before it was taken to the royal family tomb at Imogiri.

So when the Sultan was alive, no one could get past him.

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Location of Plengkung Gading Jogja

Location Of Plengkung Gading Jogja

The location of Gading Plengkung is very close to the center of Yogyakarta. Located at j. Patehan Kidul No.4, Patehan, Kraton District, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region 55133.

The distance is about 2 kilometers with only 6 minutes.

Route to Plengkung Gading Jogja

Route To Plengkung Gading Jogja

The route to ivory is very easy for you to pass. From downtown Yogyakarta you go to Jl. Pangurakano. Then turn left onto Jl. North Square.

Then turn left again onto Jl. IN. Russian. Turn right at the intersection onto Jl. Wijilan. You go straight down the main road.

If you pass Jl. Gamelan straight ahead again until the road gets stuck there is a fork. You turn right onto Jl. South Langenarjan. Then go straight until you find an intersection, turn left onto Jl. Ivory.

You have arrived at Plengkung Gading.

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The facilities available at Plengkung Gading are practically non-existent because this ivory arch is just a gate through which many people pass.

But you don’t have to worry about Plenkung Gading, there are already many facilities available.

Ticket prices and parking for Plenkung Gading Jogja

Ticket Prices And Parking For Plenkung Gading Jogja

The entrance price to Plengkung Gading, there is no entrance fee at this gate because people use this road as one of the main roads to carry out their activities.

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Well, that was the complete information about Plengkung Gading Jogja tourist attraction. For those who want to vacation in Yogyakarta, you should include Plenkung Gading Jogja in your visit list.

Thanks for visiting our article, see you in our other articles and don’t forget to always keep it clean wherever you travel.

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