Here’s How to Overcome Myheritage Login Errors (Unknown Error)

Here’s How To Overcome Myheritage Login Errors (Unknown Error)

How to solve Myheritage login error? maybe this is a question because after installing this app you can’t login.

MyHeritage is a Live animated photo apps which is currently viral because of its prowess.

However, nowadays many complain that myheritage users find it very difficult to log in and access this app.

And myheritage is sorry about that, because many users are trying to log into the app.

And even many people give bad ratings and bad comments about this app because they are bothered that they can’t login.

Not really a bad app, but overloaded on the server. And also Indonesian IP is blocked by MyHeritage So it is natural that you cannot access it.

However, don’t get angry just yet, because there is a way to resolve Myheritage login errors with a simple trick.

Want to know how? Read more below.

How to Overcome MyHeritage Login Error (Unknown Error)

How To Solve Myheritage Login Error
Here's How to Overcome Myheritage Login Errors (Unknown Error) Cara Mengatasi Login Eror di Myheritage

For those who are still unable to login or login to the myheritage app, you can follow the following method.

  • First download myheritage app, from google playstore
  • then install normally
  • Then open the MyHeritage app
  • Then login, you can choose to sign up with email or facebook
  • So if an error notification pops up, try using VPN and select a location United State or America.
  • After activating the VPN, try logging in or signing up for myHeritage.

Or you can also use another method like below.

How to Overcome MyHeritage Login Error Through Website

If the above method is still difficult to do and it still gives an error, you can fix it by going to the official website as follows:

  • First, not your phone’s browser
  • then go to the official website at
  • then select click Start Free Trial.
  • login with google/facebook/email account.

Then you can immediately use the deep nostalgia feature on myHeritage.

How to bring photos to life

It is also very easy to make a photo move. The method is as follows:

  • Select the menu on the left.
  • Then select Family Tree and then select Animated Photo.
  • Click Upload Photo and select the photo you want to bring to life.
  • Wait a few moments for the Photo Upload process.
  • When done, you can click and hold and then download.

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So these are the tricks and tips on how to log into Myheritage, which often makes mistakes easily. You can do it yourself through the step-by-step method above.

So, until here, let’s talk about the frequent errors when logging into the myheritage app on Android phones. I hope it’s helpful. See you again in the next article. Thanks.

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