Here’s How to Enable Google Photos Memories in Chrome

Here’s How To Enable Google Photos Memories In Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that is the choice of millions around the world. It offers several features that will improve the user experience from various perspectives.

The Google Chrome ‘guide page’ on your desktop can display a lot of useful information. If you like the ranking it offers, you can now combine it with Google Photos.

If you want to link the two platforms, you can now view your Google Photos memories in Chrome’s ‘guide’ page. If you want to know more about how to activate it, our article is here to help.

Why should I enable Google Photos memories in Chrome?

Google Chrome’s ‘guide page’ usually contains bookmarks or websites that you visit frequently.

You can also find the Discover tab on your smartphone that displays trending stories on the web. It is an extremely useful dashboard as it allows you to access the websites you visit regularly.

Memories is a Google Photos feature that displays the memory of old photos.

If you want to see the slideshow of memories on the Chrome tab page, then follow the steps we have listed below:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type ‘chrome://flags’ in the address bar
  • Type ‘NTP’ in the new window’s search bar
  • In the options click on ‘NTP Modules’
  • It will open a drop-down menu
  • Choose Enabled
  • Tap on ‘NTP Photo Module’ and enable it
  • After enabling both flags, press ‘re-launch’ at the bottom to save
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Click/tap to enlarge images

After the browser restarts, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the tab page, which has the Google Photos card
  • Tap ‘view memories’ below the card to view the photos in a new tab

Enable Google Photos Memories In Chrome

Click/tap to enlarge images

Observation: First, make sure you are logged into your Google account in a web browser. You can effectively access the Google Photos memories tab and highlight the section by pressing the card.

This concludes our article on how you can enable Google Photos memories in Chrome. If you want to read more informative content on Google Photos, click here.

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