Here are 7 beautiful Indonesian artists who welcome official children

Here Are 7 Beautiful Indonesian Artists Who Welcome Official Children

7 Indonesian Artists Who Have Official Children | Someone out of the entertainment world!


Matches are indeed in God’s hands and they often happen unexpectedly. We don’t know who they are or where they come from, until we fall in love and see that this person is indeed our soul mate.

Instead of looking for a companion from fellow artists, these Indonesian artists actually found a companion who came from among the children of Indonesian officials.

Even more solid, some of them are also classified as Crazy Rich Indonesia, which naturally possesses extraordinary wealth from birth.

Curious who are the artists who hooked this Indonesian officer’s son? Come on, see this article later!

1. Anisa Pohan

Edited by SBY’s son in 2005, Annisa Pohan chose to stop her career and focus on taking care of her family.

Furthermore, her mother-in-law, the late former First Lady, Ani Yudhoyono, often shares portraits of her family both with her children, in-laws, and grandchildren, including her close relationship with her in-laws.

Annisa Pohan, as her eldest son’s wife, used to take pictures with the late Ani Yudhoyono.

The clothes they wear are usually uniform and matched. Anyway compact!

2. Mayangsari

The love scandal that became the hype of all events in the Indonesian mass media at that time was the most lively case of a family feud.

Mayangsari’s relationship with Bambang Trihatmodjo when she was still a wife was just a guess, but it all came out after Mayang gave birth to a baby from her relationship with Bambang in 2006.

Halimah Agustina Kamil, Bambang’s wife at the time, even broke into Mayang’s house with her children, causing Bambang to be bombed by her son.

The hot situation caused the divorce proceedings filed by Bambang and his family to be considered destroyed because of the presence of the beautiful singer Mayangsari.

He was excited because he was in a relationship with President Suharto’s sons Mayangsari and Bambang Trihatmodjo, and finally got married in 2011 and is happy so far.

3. Arumi Bachsin

Married to Emil Dardak, Arumi Bachsin has decided to retire from the entertainment world. Her husband is the son of the former Deputy Minister of Public Works.

This Indonesian artist born in Germany began his career as a model and became known to the public by starring in several soap operas. As one of them is White Gray and Sneakers (2009).

Now, the artist who once had a falling out with his parents has become the wife of Emil Dardak who is also the Lieutenant Governor of East Java.

Arumi was very young at the time of their marriage, who was 19 years old. Although she decided to focus on taking care of her family and accompanying her husband on duty, she admitted that she missed being an artist.

4. Kadek Devi

Empty of the entertainment world after getting married to take care of the family, Kadek Devi married Dewa Yoga who is the son of Sulawesi Police Chief.

The woman who started her career through this cover girl is married to Yoga who is also the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Kediri Police, East Java.

Although he rarely appears on television, Kadek Devi’s daily activities are still seen being shared on his personal Instagram account.

5. Nikita Mirzani

I had tried a domestic chest with Dipo Latief who is also the minister’s son, unfortunately Nikita Mirzani’s house ran aground. The result of their marriage gave birth to a son.

Speaking of sensational artists, the figure of Nikita Mirzani certainly cannot be separated. Initially, it was popular because it often creates a horrible feeling.

Until now, he still frequently makes headlines in the mass media because of the various controversies he often creates.

However, this widow of 3 kids has a strong mindset and doesn’t care what haters and netizens say to her.

Over time, many people started to support Niki because of her courage to openly express opinions.

6. Chelsea Island

Being in love, Chelsea Islan is in a relationship with Rob Clinton who is the son of DPR RI member Robert Cardinal.

Although Chelsea Island is from Indonesia, she was born abroad, to be more precise in Washington, DC, United States of America.

Chelsea Island’s first film was Refrain (2013). She played the role of Annalize alongside Maudy Ayunda and Afgansyah Reza.

Almost every year, Chelsea lands roles in the latest and most popular movies like The Street Society (2014), Guru Nation Tjokroaminoto (2015), Rudy Habibie (2016), Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 (2017), Before the Devil Picks Up (2018) and Before the Devil Takes: Verse Two (2020).

7. Nia Ramadan

Married at 20, Nia Ramadhani is blessed with a son


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