“He can sleep, he speaks slowly” – growing up normally, ‘parents’ have not expected children to have hearing impairments since birth

“He Can Sleep, He Speaks Slowly” – Growing Up Normally, ‘Parents’ Have Not Expected Children To Have Hearing Impairments Since Birth

Sharing this woman about her son is likely to open the eyes of parents to be more sensitive to their child’s development from childhood.

According to this woman, known as Nabielah Ramlan, her son Amsyar Durrani, who looked like a normal child, apparently suffered from a hearing-related illness known as “deep hearing loss”.

Nabielah said Amsyar could not detect any sound in any of his ears, although he showed no noticeable signs of illness.

Amsyar, because the child sleeps very easily and is not disturbed by any noise. We thought this was normal, maybe he’s kind of insensitive to sound.

But as he grew up, Amsyar did not respond to when his name was called and when ‘check’ clinic, doctors say his progress has also been good.

She and her husband then decided last year to bring Amsyar for further examination to uncover the real problem their second child was experiencing.

So, after we passed test after test, it is true that our son Amsyar Durrani obviously does not hear any sound.

As a result, Amsyar, who also suffers from “speech delay”, must undergo sound therapy and ‘speech’ in the hospital almost every week.

Nabielah and also her husband were advised by experts to dress their children hearing aid and raises funds of RM120,000 for the purpose of the operation ‘snail implant’ in Amsyar’s ears.

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Both Amsyar’s parents, pleased with God’s provision, hope the toddler will hear and speak like other children, even if he is slow, as long as he has positive development.

For those who want to contribute funds, you can contact Nabielah on 018-3806728 or her husband 013-2721623.

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