Harnessing the Power of Instagram Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

Harnessing The Power Of Instagram Influencer Marketing For Small Businesses

Instagram influencer marketing is booming. The industry was worth $6.5 billion globally in 2019, and according to Statista, over 60% of companies (in the US alone) use influencers to market their products.

Meanwhile, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, this type of marketing is also expected to grow to reach $13.8 billion in 2021.

With this estimate, it is very clear that Instagram opens the access space for brands to a much larger audience. If you can have the right influencers with the right strategies, then you can make bigger profits through advertising through influencers.

However, as a small business, what efforts should be made to get the best results from Instagram influencer marketing?

Short explanation of Instagram influencer marketing

Social media and everything in it creates real connections. So, the door to the life and heart of the ideal audience is with influencer marketing. This marketing strategy is a relatively authentic, genuine strategy and doesn’t seem to be selling.

Instagram influencer marketing collaborates with well-known Instagram brands and influencers to develop, publish, and promote brand-sponsored videos or photos through Instagram. The aim is to build a positive brand identity for the influencers involved, a broad audience and expand brand recognition or brand recognition.

5 Category Influencers

A few years ago, we recognized 3 broad categories of influencers: Micro, macro, and mega-influencer. Now, that number is increasing. That is, the industry creates new categories with more specific objectives.

  • mega influencer. Mega-influencers are those who have 1 million followers or more. These are Instagram influencers that have a wide reach and often come from artists or celebrities.
  • macro-influencer. This category of influencers has a follower rate between 100,000 and 999,000. In this category, they are usually people who come from among the artists, or from the content creators who are indeed big names on social media. Often, this category of influencers has a commitment index which is quite high.
  • mid-sized influencer. This category is a new category, where they have a number of followers between 50,000 and 99,000. This category is in the middle micro-influencer and macro-influencer and it can be an alternative for small businesses that cannot afford macro-influencers but also don’t want to work with micro-influencers.
  • micro-influencer. Now, influencers with between 10,000 and 50,000 followers fall into the category of micro-influencers. This is one of the rising influencer categories and is widely used by brands all over the world, from small, medium and large companies on a global scale.
  • Nano-influencer. The last category is nano-influencers, where these influencers have followers between a thousand and more. Even if the number of followers is small, nano-influencers can be effective in marketing campaigns if you can find the right influencers and use the right strategies.
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Instagram influencer marketing strategy

If you regularly browse Instagram, you may have seen two or three sponsored posts there and may not have noticed.

The following are some influencer marketing examples to illustrate the most common influencer marketing strategies.

#1 Brand Influencer Representation Program

If you want a very low-risk campaign, a brand influencer representation program is the perfect solution.

This program is similar to the affiliate program, but this time with Instagram influencers. You can contact the influencers of your choice, provide them with a unique affiliate link, and set a certain percentage for each sale they generate.

#2 Create a review campaign

Most people trust the reviews of people who have experienced or tried something first hand more. So they follow people who can honestly describe the experience they had to their audience.

That’s why honest and genuine reviews from customers who have tried a product or service are more likely to generate sales.

You can look for influencers who can record review videos or write reviews and run paid ads on their profiles after getting permission. You can get the most out of this form of word of mouth advertising.

#3 Influencer campaign with branded content

Instagram now allows you to run sponsored ads with selected influencers with the consent of both parties. This method is a very powerful strategy to attract the audience’s attention to learn more about the brand.

#4 Run contests through influencers

If your business or brand doesn’t have a broad enough reach to attract an audience to your contest, use the power of influencers to reach it. This method has proven to be effective in increasing your awareness, engagement rate, reach, and other metrics.

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#5 Sponsored Posts

Lastly, of course, are sponsored posts. This method is most used by brands and companies, especially small businesses, as it can be more easily measured and tracked.

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing is Good for Small Businesses

By now, you may have seen for yourself that Instagram influencer marketing is a huge growth asset for growing an Instagram business. Plus, Instagram influencer marketing can help small businesses reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and scale campaigns without spending a bigger budget.

As a result, brands will look genuine and authentic if they work with the right influencers. Therefore, it is very important to choose influencers who at least already know your brand, or similar brands. That way, you’ll be able to get an idea of ​​the demographics and behavior of the audience you’re trying to reach.

In the hands of the right influencers, influencer marketing can be:

  • fun and personal
  • Generates a high engagement rate
  • wider reach
  • Generating creativity that resonates with the audience
  • generate UGC
  • come authentically
  • Increase confidence.

After some time in the Instagram influencer marketing industry, you will probably notice that micro-influencer deliver the best results with a relatively smaller budget compared to other categories of influencers.

Let’s work together!

Interested in learning more about StarNgage, our influencer marketing tools and services?

There are many ways influencers can creatively promote a brand or business, but most of them are through special events, to assumeand of course the sponsored posts described above.

How much does Instagram influencer marketing cost?

In fact, the cost of Instagram influencer marketing varies and depends on several factors such as the following:

  • Number of influencer followers
  • influencer niche
  • commitment index
  • How many influencers are used in the campaign
  • post type
  • content availability
  • campaign duration
  • And other factors.

If you don’t have time to consider the above, don’t worry! Get in touch with us via the contact page and our team will get back to you shortly! Just tell us what your objective or goal is to create an influencer marketing campaign, and we’ll run it for you from scratch to viral!

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Criteria for Influencers You Should Work With

This is the most frequently asked question for us.

Yes, you can find influencers very easily out there. However, not all influencers are able to provide satisfactory results. However, you can make your own judgment about the influencers you choose to make your campaign a success, considering the following:

Creative #1

Of course, the chosen influencer must be creative and different from the rest. If it’s the same, why was it chosen?

How to see influencer creativity, among others, by observing:

  • Photos and captions they make
  • Your posts look generic and boring
  • Are you interested in most posts
  • The content is authentic or original.

#2 Tech knowledge

In this section, you must ensure that the influencer understands the platform they are using and knows what the platform is for. On the content side, make sure they have good taste in choosing the subject of the uploaded photo or video.

#3 Consistent

Of course, consistency is one of the important considerations. If the influencer is not consistent in posting on social media, then the chances of their sponsored posts being seen by the public are also very slim. This means that your campaign’s success rate is also very small.

In addition to being consistent in posting times, influencers must also be consistent with the theme they use for each post.

No. 4 Responsive

The last thing is responsiveness. Because? You don’t want to work with influencers who take a long time to respond to your messages, especially when a campaign is running, do you?


Understanding your business values ​​and goals is critical when starting your Instagram influencer marketing journey. It’s also important to take the time to define influencers and define criteria that match your brand’s vision and mission.

This is very important because influencers will represent your brand and business as an ongoing partnership.

But in the end, influencer marketing is actually a playground for brands and marketers alike. With so many options, you can easily find a potential candidate that fits your budget.

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