H1-KEY add new member before first return

H1-Key Add New Member Before First Return

H1-KEY added a new member to the group named Hwiseo.

Previously, the agency had announced their plans to add new members before H1-KEY performed. come back your first.

This addition of members was made after Sitala officially left H1-KEY after becoming embroiled in a controversy.

now it’s coming come back their debut, H1-KEY announced the identity of their new member named Hwiseo and released two photos provocation.

In the photo provocation In it we can see Hwiseo’s beautiful appearance with colored hair and the concept of a summer-style costume.

H1-KEY itself is planning to return with single album The first is titled “Run” on July 5, 2022 at 6pm KST. (www.kpopchart.net)

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