GuitarTuna Mod Apk V7.4.0 for Android (Unlocked)

Guitartuna Mod Apk V7.4.0 For Android (Unlocked)
Name guitarTuna
package name com.ovelin.guitartuna
Editor Yousician Ltd.
Category music and audio
mod features unlocked
Version 7.2.0
Size 45 million
Price Free
requirements android

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Android users can explore the possibilities of learning and playing many instruments thanks to the easy-to-use Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords mobile app. Hence, GuitarTuna’s mobile app is sure to be a nice addition to your music app collection.

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Tune and customize a wide variety of stringed instruments, including guitars, basses, ukuleles and many more. It is easy to edit different instruments using different options, which will allow you to work comfortably with any selected instrument. Make changes to your instruments at your own pace and have fun editing them.

Our in-depth reviews will tell you more about this popular GuitarTuna app.

What is GuitarTuna?

GuitarTuna is the most popular free tuning app that lets you tune your guitar with high precision. Among the special features that make GuitarTuna unique is its easy-to-use interface, ease of use, good tuning, and standard tuning for guitars and other stringed instruments. Furthermore, GuitarTuna is very effective in noisy environments.

The perfect tuner for guitar, bass, ukuleles and all popular string instruments. More than 90 million people have downloaded GuitarTuna and it is used by beginners and experts alike!

How it works?

No matter how tuned your guitar strings are, you still need to tune them to the specific settings that suit your music and playing style. Musicians with guitar tuning tools have an advantage over all of us. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to the tools needed to tune guitar strings.

Also, even if you can identify the correct sound, you may not know what it is. So GuitarTuna app is a great app to tune your string instruments on your mobile device and makes it simpler than ever.

Interactive tuning features and lots of accessible instructions make it easy to get your strings to play with the right sounds and keep pace with your music. Experiment with a variety of tuning styles on your instrument to improve your performance. Take a look at many cool tools that musicians would love.


It’s free to access the Play Store version of GuitarTuna on your Android device, so there’s no reason not to download it now. Take advantage of the many features available in the app to tune your instruments. The premium version of the app will unlock many additional features if you make an in-app purchase.

You must also grant GuitarTuna access permissions on your Android device before it will work properly. For the most accurate and professional tuning experience, you should use an external microphone. Also, make sure your instruments are ready before tuning.

Features of GuitarTuna Mod Apk:

This app offers a lot of cool features so let’s review them in detail.

An easy-to-use tuning app

GuitarTuna Pro Mod Apk offers a simple and accessible tuning app that can be immediately used by Android users to quickly and easily tune their stringed instruments. Make use of your device’s built-in microphone to unlock electric and acoustic guitars and string instruments. A user-friendly interface and interactive visual feedback will ensure you get the right settings. Try the new auto-mode tuner, which allows for extremely fast tuning and hands-free operation.

Guitartuna Screen 3
Guitartuna Screen 4
Guitartuna Screen 5

High quality fit technology

If that interests you, now you can take advantage of GuitarTuna’s advanced and precise tuning technology, which guarantees high quality sounds.

A feature of GuitarTuna is the background noise cancellation technology, which blocks out noise without affecting the tuning process, both automatically and manually. Easily tune your instruments, regardless of the ambient sound, using the noise canceling option. This makes it safe to use anywhere. There are no tuning errors.

In addition to providing higher levels of tuning accuracy, the app can also be a valuable tool for professionals. The auto mode tuner offers super fast tuning, hands free (string by string) and it also has a chromatic tuner!

There are currently 15 instruments supported by GuitarTuna, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, viola, violin, cello, violin, balalaika, banjo and many other string instruments.

Various advanced tools to help musicians

Additionally, the Guitar Tuna app offers many advanced tuning options if you are interested in changing your tuner experience. Set the tempo as you like with the customizable metronome, change the beat manually or play at the speed you need for your guitar. Using the chromatic tuner and testing alternative tuning sets will also give you better results.

Choose any chord to start practicing

In addition to chords, the application includes a library with a large number of useful chords. Select any chord and hear how it should sound. The benefit of this is that you will be able to improve your listening skills much faster.

The best thing about this app is that you can get the chords of your favorite songs using the most advanced audio recognition algorithm.

Games that help beginners learn

GuitarTuna offers 6 different chord learning games to help you improve your tuning and playing skills. You can play any of these minigames and learn guitar chords by playing, practicing and mastering them. Take a look at the available guitar guides to test your skills while learning new guitar songs. As you progress with GuitarTuna, you will learn to improve all skills.

Various settings for various instruments

You can also tune all types of stringed instruments with GuitarTuna, in addition to standard acoustic and electric guitars. GuitarTuna lets you choose your bass, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo or any other stringed instrument and try to tune the strings to the correct sound. You will find the app much more pleasant to use.

A variety of tuning styles

You can also learn 100+ different tuning options with GuitarTuna, which allows Android users to easily tune their guitars or other instruments. There is a wide variety of tuning styles, including Drop-D tuning, open tuning, half-step tuning, 12-string tuning, 7-string tuning, and many others. Each style has its own sounds and gameplay experiences.

Get the unlocked version for free

Finally, here’s your chance to download the free, unlocked version of the GuitarTuna mobile app if you’re interested. GuitarTuna offers many cool features at no cost. You won’t be bothered by ads either. Our website will help you to download and install GuitarTuna Mod APK, and you just need to follow the instructions provided.

Let’s wrap this up:

Featuring a variety of cool features and easy-to-use tuning options, GuitarTuna gives Android users access to a wide range of stringed instruments and guitars. It’s up to you to create whatever combination of tuning styles you want to suit your instruments. User-friendly features in the app make it easy to use the mobile app. In addition to access to the free and unlocked versions of the app on our website.

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