Green Lagoon Bogor, offers the best underwater sights

Green Lagoon Bogor, Offers The Best Underwater Sights

As an area with the moniker of the city of rain, it is certainly not impossible if Bogor has so many natural tourist potentials that are presented so beautifully. One of the natural tourist potentials that you can find in Bogor is a waterfall called Ciampea waterfall who also earned the nickname Wisata Green Lagoon with the charm of the clear water that forms an impressive plunge pool.

Those of you who want to vacation in super clear tourist spots and want to exist in the underwater arena can immediately visit the best Green Lagoon in Bogor in this one. Get exciting and valuable sensations and experiences in the tourist attractions of the Lagoa Verde de Bogor. Coming to visit your dear friends will surely provide an increasingly interesting experience for you.

Green Lagoon Bogor, Offers The Best Underwater Sights

Tourist attractions of Lagoa Verde Bogor

With you visiting Curug Ciampea, Bogor, in addition to being able to enjoy the charm of a beautiful waterfall that descends from a high cliff, here you can also enjoy enchanting underwater spots. If you’re good at swimming and not afraid of depth, you can actually take pictures in underwater spots that present the best underwater photo feeling for you.

With the clarity that is so tempting, it also makes this Ciampea waterfall very popular, although access is still difficult. The tourist location of Curug Ciampea is in the Tenjolaya district, Bogor Regency, which is very close to several other waterfalls such as Curug Luhur, Curug Dipeuteuy and Curug Sawer.

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What is also very interesting is that this Ciampea waterfall is still very natural and untouched. You will find a peaceful tourist atmosphere without any disturbances here. So far, no one has managed Curug Ciampea, so to come and enjoy beautiful natural waterfalls and impressive underwater spots, you don’t have to pay any fee, so it’s very economical, right?

Upon arriving in the tourist area of ​​the Ciampea waterfall, you will find a very impressive river or river trekking. Along the trekking path you will come across several clear waterfalls, so it’s time to dive there too. Later you will find one of the best spots, namely Lagoa Verde. This place in Curug Ciampea is very popular with travel lovers, even recently Curug Ciampea beats another name Lagoa Verde which is taken from the name of one of the best spots in Curug Ciampea.

After being pampered with the beauty of a pleasant trip, you will find the stunning Ciampea Curug. This waterfall is quite tall, but it has a pool that is not very deep. You can also relax on floaties and have fun hunting hits to upload to your social networks, traveller. Happy Holidays and have an interesting experience at Green Lagoon Bogor.

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