Green Energy Apps Make Money, Insurance or Scam?

Green Energy Apps Make Money, Insurance Or Scam?
Green Energy Apps Make Money, Insurance Or Scam?

Green Energy Money Maker App – New Money Maker App released June 13, 2022. New Money Maker App 2022.

This is where my lips as a new user will get Rp 100,000 instantly and can perform tasks immediately for free with a daily profit of Rp 1,000.

However, is it true that you can play this app for free? Or are my lips still curious if this money making app will prove to be paid, safe and long lasting as a money management app?

So friends of mouth, please read the following article so that you can understand more about this money making app.

What the Green Energy Money App Does

Green Energy And Money Making App

Become a friend. Green Energy App is a new money making app where your only job is to join the mission of investing in green cars or electric vehicles.

Like my lips, I understand that electric cars are still in development, including in Indonesia, are still in development, my friend.

Register for the Green Energy Money app created

Then you can use this app and earn a lot of money. Lipsku friends need to register and create an account first. Where to register, simply prepare a mobile number or the email address of an active friend.

And for more details, you can pay attention to the steps to register the following app to earn money.

  1. Please enter the official website of this app via the following link:
  2. After opening the registration page, select the registration method using email or mobile number.
  3. Please friends enter your email address or mobile number, friends who have prepared in advance.
  4. Request a verification code by clicking Submit on the right. After that, wait a few moments for the code to be sent directly to your mobile number or email.
  5. Copy the code and enter it in the Enter verification code field.
  6. Create Account Passwords The apps to earn money from your friends are unique and easy to remember.
  7. Repeat or confirm the password in the next column.
  8. Then friends, register to register your app account to earn money by clicking Confirm registration below.
  9. he did.
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Please wait a few moments for your account registration to be announced successfully.

And congratulations my friend, your application account registration to earn money was successful and you can use the application and earn a lot of money.

make money green energy make money app

As Meimin explained earlier, Soba as a new user will immediately receive a registration bonus balance of IDR 100,000.

Where the balance of the registration bonus will be transferred immediately and an investment package with a daily yield of IDR 1.00% or around IDR 1,000 will be acquired upon completion of the 200-day cycle with a total yield of IDR 200,000.

Or you can increase your earnings by accessing a higher investment engine or earn commissions by performing the following tasks.

1. Daily check-in on the Green Energy Money app created

The number one way Lipsku friends can earn money is by doing daily check-ins in this app. From where, from daily check-in, you will receive a commission of IDR 1,000 per day.

To find this vacancy, it is very easy my friend, go to your profile page, then my friend, click Check in Haryan.

2. Perform special tasks in the app to earn green energy money

In addition to having the above method, you can also perform other tasks that are no less private, my friend. Overall, there’s a lot my lips can do.

  • Join the official group of this App. Receive commission of Rs 2,000.
  • Share via Facebook this App. Receive a commission of IDR 1,000.
  • Share via Telegram This app. Receive a commission of IDR 1,000.
  • Share via WhatsApp this App. Receive a commission of IDR 1,000.
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Finding these tasks is very easy. Please friends, go to the profile page and pay attention to the quest rewards section.

3. Join investing in green energy money making apps

And the main advantage that you can use to earn money is to carry out the task of investing in environmentally friendly vehicles. Where my friend as a new user can immediately perform investment tasks for free.

And for more details, my friend can pay attention to the list of investment and income levels that you will get below.

investment rate price Duration Daily Teacher
green energy vehicle 200,000 rupees 200 days 6,000 rupees
green energy vehicle 600,000 rupees 200 days BRL 24,000
green energy vehicle 1,000,000 rupees 200 days BRL 56,000
green energy vehicle 6,000,000 rupees 200 days 480,000 rupees
green energy vehicle 8,000,000 rupees 200 days 680,000 rupees
green energy vehicle 10,000,000 rupees 200 days 900,000 rupees
green energy vehicle 20,000,000 rupees 200 days 2,400,000 rupees
green energy vehicle 60,000,000 rupees 200 days 9,000,000 INR
green energy vehicle 80,000,000 rupees 200 days 14,400,000 Rupees

As Meimin explained, my friend as a new user will immediately perform investment tasks with an income of IDR 1,000 per day for 200 days per IDR 100,000 (new users are free).

4. Invite friends in the app to earn money with green energy

In addition to the above methods, friends can also earn money with this money making app by inviting friends and earning passive income.

Where my lips will get a 2% commission after my friend makes an investment. And you will earn a profit of 8% of the total daily income of your subordinates.

In addition to the above commissions, my lips will again receive a special commission if your subordinates invest under the following conditions.

  • The total investment of guests is IDR 3,000,000 Receive a commission of IDR 100,000.
  • The total investment of the guests is IDR 10,000,000 Receive a commission of 200,000 rupees.
  • The total investment of the guests is up to 20,000,000 rupees.Receive a commission of Rp. 500,000.
  • Total investment for invites is up to IDR 100,000,000 Receive commission of IDR 1,000,000.
  • The total investment of guests is up to IDR 200,000,000. Receive a commission of IDR 5,000,000.
  • The total investment of the guests is up to 600,000,000 rupees.Receive a commission of Rp. 10,000,000.
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So invite friends in this app is very easy, friend. Please go to the invite friends page by clicking on my friend’s lips The gift icon at the bottom. So please, my friend, take the link and invite code.

Then share your app account link and invite code to earn money with your friends and relatives or on social media as a way to use it as a reference to join this app.

Withdrawal in the green energy make money app

After friends can accumulate a lot of money in this app account, friends can enjoy the fruits of your hard work to participate in your investment or mission by making withdrawals.

Where to make a withdrawal is very easy with the following conditions.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is IDR 100,000.
  • An administration fee of 10% of the total withdrawal you make.
  • Withdrawals can be made using a bank account.

Are green energy money making apps safe?

Well my friend, after Mimin realized how this money making app works, this money making app cannot be played for free. And my lips are required to make a deposit in order for me to use this app.

So with a multi-level action system and gameplay that asks you to deposit or top up, it’s clear that Mimin can complete this app as a cash game.

As this app is still relatively new, Mimin has noticed some information about this profitable app and Mimin has not received further information if this app is installed for payments.

Last word

So with the cash game work system and Ponzy scheme above, of course, Mimin cannot recommend my lips to use this app to earn money and make a million rupees deposit.

Hopefully this article on the application to make money from green energy. Thanks

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