Great relief for Pakistan, name removed from FATF greylist

Great Relief For Pakistan, Name Removed From Fatf Greylist

FATF Pakistan Gray List: Pakistan received significant relief. He has been removed from the FATF greylist. The decision to remove Pakistan from the gray list was taken at the current meeting in Berlin (Germany). Let us tell you that today is the last day of the forum, and Pakistan was already expected to receive relief.

Information related to this will now be updated on the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) website. The official announcement of Pakistan’s removal from the greylist will be made at the meeting to be held in October.

What is FATF? Why is Pakistan in this?

The FATF is an organization that works at an international level. It seeks to prevent global financial crimes committed to promote terrorism.

There have been allegations against Pakistan that money laundering and financial assistance to terrorists is being done there. After that, he was graylisted. Your surveillance increases in the country defined in the gray list. It is also called an augmented watchlist.

As of March 2022, 23 countries were on the gray list. It includes Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Myanmar, Philippines, South Sudan, Uganda, Yemen, etc.

By the way, the FATF greylist does not have restrictions like the blacklist. But that alerts the rest of the country. The global financial and banking system also understands that working here is not without its dangers. See an example of this. When Pakistan was graylisted from 2008 to 2019, its GDP suffered a loss of 38 billion.

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