Godse Movie Download Movierulz, iBomma, Telegram

Godse Movie Download Movierulz, Ibomma, Telegram

God movie download Godse is an upcoming Telugu action thriller film written and directed by Gopiganesh Pattabhi and produced by C.Kalyan under the banner of CK Screens. The film is scheduled to open in theaters on June 17.º2022. The Film will compete with Virata Parvam and other films this week.

Godse Movie Download Movierulz, Ibomma, Telegram

But before the movie could be released in theaters, the movie was leaked on some notorious piracy websites like Movierulz, iBomma and Telegram groups as well.

Goddess (2022)


The movie trailer has been released and it’s looking pretty excellent. Just as we expected, Sathyadev looks absolutely fantastic in his role. But the film’s plot has not yet been revealed in the trailer because the producers want audiences to enjoy the film directly in theaters.

Film’s name Goddess (2022)
Director Gopiganesh Pattabhi
Movie’s cast Sathyadev Kancharana, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Brahmaji, Tanikella Bharani, Nagendra Babu, Prudhvi Raj and many others.
Release date of 17º June 2022
Genre action thriller

Download movie Godse Movierulz, iBomma and Telegram

Recently, the trailer for the movie was released and it’s looking pretty excellent. Now, while the movie is getting ready for release, the movie has been leaked on some notorious piracy websites like Movierulz, iBomma, Telegram. Even these websites are blocked, they keep popping up again and again.

Godse Movierulz movie download

Godse Movie was leaked on one of the notorious piracy sites called Movierulz. This website is popularly known for its different types of movies available with different resolutions and different sizes. Movies of different languages ​​and other genres are available on this site.

Download movie Godse iBomma

Godse Movie was leaked on one of the famous piracy sites called iBomma. This website is very popular among people, and even it has been blocked by the authorities many times. It keeps coming up with a new URL and a domain name as well.

Godse movie download

Basically, Telegram app is a popular app used for communication purposes. But some people and some people from piracy site are creating groups in this Telegram app and sharing movie links for streaming and downloading movie directly on device. Even the last Godse movie was uploaded in some public groups.

Is it safe to download Godse Movie from Movierulz, iBomma and Telegram?

No, it is definitely not safe to download Godse movie from all these piracy sites and groups. Some of the groups and websites have been actively involved in leaking the films for many years. Therefore, it is best that you stay away from these sites.


It is our humble request to our followers and readers to watch the Godse movie release in theaters on June 17th.º2022. The movie will be an exciting thriller for you to watch in theaters, so don’t encourage piracy.

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