“Ghosts ask us to keep it a secret” – Ani Mayuni

“Ghosts Ask Us To Keep It A Secret” – Ani Mayuni

Some time ago, the country’s entertainment industry surprised many with the news of the departure of singers and actors, The late Adibah Noor who have stage four ovarian cancer.

Quote online messengersinger Ani Mayuni admitted that she knew about the deceased’s condition but had to keep it a secret to respect Adibah’s request.

BACA: Adibah Noor died

“We have to keep this a secret. The deceased had already shared his condition with me as well as several friends and family.

“The deceased asked us to keep this a secret. We cannot warn him that he is in pain,” she said.

According to Ani, the deceased used to have a fever and was admitted to the hospital and only then did the deceased tell about the cancer he was suffering from.

“Allahyarham became ill after the end of Gegar Vaganza 8. He developed a fever after filming Gegar Vaganza Raya and was detained in the infirmary for a long time.

“We asked ourselves, why did he stay in the infirmary for so long? Remind the deceased of being infected with Covid-19. After that, he shared with us about the cancer and informed that he had just undergone surgery.

“The deceased after that went through a period of confinement and said he wanted to get some rest. The picture of his previous contagious weight loss was taken when he started working out after a long break,” he said.

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Adibah is understood to have taken his last breath at 7:40 pm and the body is still in Gleaneagles hospital and will be taken to his sister’s home in Keramat Permai, Kuala Lumpur.

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