GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Version Download (Anti-Banned)

Gb Whatsapp Pro Apk Latest Version Download (Anti-Banned)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social networks today, in addition to being free, it also has no ads on it. However, some people are getting bored and bored with the drab look. So, you can modify it by first downloading the latest version of GB WhatsApp Apk Anti BANNed.

Review of Latest GB WhatsApp Apk 2022

GB WhatsApp is an application that can be used to modify the appearance of your WhatsApp to make it look nicer. Actually, there are many other apps with the same function as choice but using this app is considered better than similar apps.

This app is also free to get banned, active developers also always update to keep users convenience. So don’t worry, your WhatsApp doesn’t keep up with the times.

There is something to remember, which is how downloading GB WhatsApp is not like the original app. However, you need to go through a third party that is available on some reputable websites.

For those looking for useful apps, we recommend trying to go to website to download unlimited apps for free.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro Official Apk

Several great features are in GB WhatsApp Apk 10.23 among other things, users can change the theme with hundreds of options. Also, for those who want a more private account, you can hide the blue tick and even two ticks.

If you often save someone’s number before sending a new message, using the advantages of this feature, you can send messages without first saving them to WhatsApp contacts.

The app can also create a schedule to automatically message someone with details and read messages that have been deleted. Likewise, sent messages can also be deleted.

A no less sophisticated feature is being able to download other people’s WhatsApp. And if you want to have more than 2 accounts, this feature also includes the ability to do so without involving a third party. In addition, it can also send files in various formats, not just images/videos.

How to use GB WhatsApp Apk

Maybe some of you are still confused about how to use it. Like:

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1.Hide online status from other users

Gbwhatsapp Mod

This wa gb feature is very useful to keep status activities private, or just to help when you are too lazy to reply to messages at the same time.

First, open Apps and tap on the three dots present in the upper right corner. Select the privacy section and click on “hide online status”. That way, your online status will no longer be visible or hidden to other users.

2. Hide Double Dial


One of the reasons people hide the double check is so that others think the message was not sent. The way to make your WhatsApp work like this is quite easy, press the three dots and enter the “privacy” menu and select “second tick”.

3. Reading deleted messages


Sometimes when someone deletes a message, you get a little curious. Therefore, you can simply activate the features in wa gb this is “enable anti-revocation” found in the privacy menu. After that, the feature will automatically work as it should.

4.Hide typing status

Several GB WhatsApp services to maintain user privacy are prioritized, including status hiding feature. You can do this by “clicking the three dots” in the upper right corner, selecting the “privacy” menu and selecting “recording status”.

After that, there will definitely be an option to hide typing status from certain groups or contacts.

5. Change with various themes


Not just by changing the wallpaper on WhatsApp, but you can change it with a wide selection of themes that you get for free. First go to “GB Settings” menu, download themes and select the theme you like, after that you can directly click “Apply and Ok”.

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6. Changing Application Fonts

One of the advantages can be to change the font starting in the GB settings section and immediately selecting the option “change application font”. After that, specify the desired font. If it does, you can select load and your favorite font will install correctly.

How to Download and Install Latest GBWhatsApp Apk

To be able to use the various features of the application gb whatsapp In that case, you must follow the installation steps. That is:

1. Download the app

As this app is made by a third party, you should look for it on various provider websites. You can start by typing his name into the Google search field. After that, choose one of the many providers. If you are still confused, here is the latest version with a click below

Official PlayStore version Here

2. Install the app


After downloading the application on Android, you must carry out the installation process. You do this by clicking on the downloaded file. If it has been done, it will look and detect like normal WhatsApp, then install it as usual.

3. Delete the previous WhatsApp application


After doing the steps above, you will have two WhatsApp accounts. Therefore, the official version of WhatsApp must be uninstalled so that it is not complicated and confusing to have 2 accounts. After that, you can directly use and open GB WhatsApp as always.

4. Start registration


In fact, the display between official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp it’s no different at all as well for how to use it. After that, just click “Agree and Continue” as the first step to enter this GB WhatsApp.

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5. Full number and verification


After that, make sure to enter the mobile number used in this GB WhatsApp account. Then wait a moment to receive an SMS regarding the verification number and proceed to enter it so that the account can be used.

6. GB WhatsApp has been installed

After the number is verified and filled in, GB WhatsApp latest you can use. Because the screen isn’t much different, so it’s more familiar and doesn’t take long to adjust.

Mandatory smartphone specs

Many people don’t pay much attention to their Android device’s specs. Even though the developers have made several versions to improve its quality, mainly to avoid “lag” on the device.

So make sure you download the latest version of GB WhatsApp, but pay attention to the RAM memory of each Android. Because some developers use a RAM architecture of at least 1GB.

Another benchmark that should be considered is the ROM, to adjust the size as long as it doesn’t occupy the smartphone’s memory.

Other preferred types and versions GB WhatsApp


Apart from using the latest GB WhatsApp apk 9.80 version, there are several apps with similar features like these two apps.

  1. This app has features that are not much different from GB WhatsAppwhere one of the advantages can also be hiding blue ticks, status and others.
  2. One of the WhatsApp mod apps can also be used to change themes, view messages deleted by friends and others.

This is all related to how to download GB WhatsApp Apk version 10.23 is the latest version of anti-BAN and various features that will get. Hope you are more satisfied using social media features especially WhatsApp.

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