Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here is the download link for the old version

Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here Is The Download Link For The Old Version
Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here Is The Download Link For The Old Version

Packet with – Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here is the download link for the old version – Recently, there have been a lot of people talking about Download Stumble Guys 0.30. So, are you looking for it these days? If so, see the explanation that Mimin will share this time.

Now, for those who don’t know, Stumble Guys was released in 2020 and has received 20 updates so far. From version 0.6 to version 0.37. This update is made because of the many bugs and errors that occur frequently.

Where every player is advised to always update to the latest version so that later there are no bugs or errors during the game. However, nowadays many people are looking for Stumble Guys 0.30. For that, if you’re really interested, see the explanation below.

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Stumble Guys Version 0.30

Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here Is The Download Link For The Old Version
Stumble Guys Application Old Version v0.30

Stumble Guys Beta Test is a Stumble Guys game update made specifically for certain users or chosen by the developer. Where the developer designed and introduced this Stumble Guys game as a Multiplayer Knockout game which finally stole the players attention.

Kitka always makes sure that not only the system is new, but the Stumble Guys game types and features are always new. Even we are always diligent in updating the game to the latest version to make it easier for users to adapt to the development of the network and the games it creates.

However, there are many netizens who are looking for the older version. In addition to the original version of Stumble Guys 0.30, there are also players who are hunting the modified version. Maybe you are one of them, right?

Stumble Guys old version and newer version, what’s good?

When seen from emotion, Stumble Guys users will choose the old version. Why is that? Because, there are several things that allow users to perform tricks to win matches, such as:

  1. jump on the tree
  2. Jump over the volcano
  3. Run shortcuts in certain areas

And since the update, the cheats that many pro gamers use need to be abandoned because the game no longer supports these cheats. Well that’s because they use the latest Stumble Guys app. It’s different if you use the old version. So, not without reason, many are looking for the old version of the Stumble Guys app.

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Download the old version of the Stumble Guys app v0.30

Game Stumble Guys Version 0.30, Here Is The Download Link For The Old Version

Stumble Guys Application Old Version v0.30, cannot be done on Google Play Store. You can only use illegal websites or websites that provide this Stumble Guys game.

The following is the download link for Stumble Guys game version 0.30 or older version.


Through this link you will be able to find a collection of Stumble Guys apps from the initial version to the latest one at the moment. Including the old version v0.30. So how to download it? Here is the tutorial:

Face Download:

  1. First, open the link Mimin provided above
  2. Then you can find the version of Stumble Guys game you are looking for
  3. For example, search for version 0.30 and click ‘Download’ which is version 0.30
  4. Well now complete the download process until it’s done
  5. Finally, you can only install it if you can get the files

Face Install:

  1. To install it, you must first make sure that your mobile phone does not have the latest Stumble Guys app. If there is, you can delete the app
  2. If you have then please install this game
  3. If it is directed to enable unknown sources, enable it
  4. Okay, have fun playing and trying to do certain tricks in Stumble Guys

There should be no problem using an older version of the app when there is a newer version. As long as the game can still be officially played in the old version, just play it. However, there are also some games that cannot be unlocked if the version is not new. So adjust to the conditions. If it cannot be used, then forced to use the latest version.

List of Stumble Guys versions from oldest to newest

As Mimin mentioned before, Stumble Guys was released in 2020, so this is not an old game. It was actually released 2 years ago, in 2020. In the first version, the Stumble Guys game size is very small and simple.

The map itself is the same as the current one, some of the changes are in the layout of the home button, a collection of skins, emotes and much more. Compared with the old version, the latest version is better. But the latest version is not always good.

Here are some of the older to newer versions of Stumble Guys:

  1. Stumble Guys 0.6, release 2020-10-08
  2. Stumble Guys 0.8, release 2020-10-16
  3. Stumble Guys 0.11, release 2020-10-23
  4. Stumble Guys 0.13, release 2020-11-06
  5. Stumble Guys 0.15, release 2020-11-17
  6. Stumble Guys 0.16, release 2020-11-23
  7. Stumble Guys 0.18, release 2020-12-03
  8. Stumble Guys 0.19, release 2020-12-03
  9. Stumble Guys 0.20, release 2021-01-12
  10. Stumble Guys 0.21, release 2021-01-12
  11. Stumble Guys 0.22, release 2021-01-29
  12. Stumble Guys 0.23, release 2021-02-04
  13. Stumble Guys 0.24, release 2021-03-09
  14. Stumble Guys 0.26, release 2021-04-14
  15. Stumble Guys 0.28, release 2021-06-15
  16. Stumble Guys 0.29, release 2021-07-23
  17. Stumble Guys 0.30, release 2021-09-22
  18. Stumble Guys 0.33, release 2021-12-03
  19. Stumble Guys 0.34, release 2022-03-10
  20. Stumble Guys 0.37, release 2022-03-10

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So many comments above, I hope with the above information it can be helpful and add insights to you all.

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