Gal Gadot’s Cleopatra Is Moving From Paramount to Universal

Gal Gadot’s Cleopatra Is Moving From Paramount To Universal

Carrie Scogland Cleopatra Universal is now monitoring after its initial setup at Paramount. Some of Skogland’s most notable credits come from TV projects like empire corridorAnd the vikingsAnd the americansAnd the the servant’s taleand the last one was marvel The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In Skogland’s first feature film since 2008, Cleopatra It will star Gal Gadot as the historic queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, who forged a complicated relationship with the Roman Republic as the lover of Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony. News of Skogland’s involvement came last year after Patty Jenkins stepped down as director, a decision made in part to focus on wonder woman 3 And the rogue squad.

Now, according to a recent update from LimitParamount, though he’s still interested in her Cleopatra, failed to meet the required schedule, which led to a potential new distributor at Universal. The report, which was produced by Charles Roven at Atlas Entertainment, notes that this news should come as no surprise given his current involvement with Universal in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film. Oppenheimer. However, there are no deals in the studio at the moment.

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It will be interesting to see what Skogland and screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis have planned. Cleopatra After that, countless movies and TV shows have since been made, including the 1963 historical epic starring Elizabeth Taylor. While Gadot’s selection was met with criticism, Universal’s immediate interest indicates the project has potential. With previous blockbusters from Gadot and Jenkins, Skogland’s film Cleopatra It can take off under the right studio.

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Source: Deadline

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