Full Viral Video Link Sensorless Bihar Panchayat Sachiv

Full Viral Video Link Sensorless Bihar Panchayat Sachiv

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Full Viral Video Link Sensorless Bihar Panchayat Sachiv
Full Viral Video Link of Bihar Panchayat Sachiv

You have no idea what the viral video of Panchayat’s secretary in a closed room with a woman is.

The issue is related to the Bihta bloc, which borders Patna, the state capital. The man in the video is bhim Kumar, the Panchayat secretary to Katesar Panchayat in the bihta bloc.

The one near Patna, the state capital, is currently trending on social media. Bhim Kumar, among others, is the secretary of the panchayat katesar panchayat under the bihta bloc, as seen in the video.

Perhaps after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of this viral video.

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Full video sensorless Bihar Panchayat Sachiv Viral video link

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Live in the same neighboring neighborhood. They also do clerical work; after learning of the video, they filed a complaint with the department of panchayati raj.

Whatever course of action the department takes. Of course, the panchayat secretary must approve it.
Bhim Kumar was instructed to leave the house at this time.

The same way. According to the BDO, if he is seen drinking alcohol in the video, a lawsuit will be filed against him under Bihar’s Prohibition of Alcohol Law.

video link

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