For the advancement of education, the quality of PAUD teachers is a priority

For The Advancement Of Education, The Quality Of Paud Teachers Is A Priority

Finland is currently the best educated country in the world. It’s just that not everything can be achieved suddenly.

But starting from a concept that was agreed 40 years ago. Not only Finland but also Japan is one of the best educated countries in the world.

This was conveyed by sociologists and professional professors at the University of Indonesia (UI)

Devie Rahmawati, at a public hearing of the Education Roadmap Committee with the X DPR Commission, Thursday (12/11/2020).

“In the legislature, they agreed to advance the nation through the field of human resources (HR) as outlined in the Education Roadmap, with a focus on improving the quality of teachers,” Devie said, as evidenced by Professor PAUD from the Ministry of Education and Culture. . Education and Culture quotes Zimmerseite, Saturday (11/14/2020).

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He explained that Indonesia needs to learn from countries that have managed to respond to these challenges. However, this does not mean that the two countries are not absent from the regulatory and enforcement framework.

Now the quality of teachers needs to be trained to expand teaching and parenting methods.

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This is because the teacher has a role of motivator and evaluator, in addition to sharpening and guiding children.

Nothing can replace this role of training human resources with character.
Lower level improved quality

Therefore, improving the quality of teachers must start from the lowest level, namely Early Childhood Education (PAUD) with regard to building children’s character.

The reason is that Indonesian human resources with good character or social skills will be able to compete and be accepted by the industrial world.

Based on a study conducted by UI with respondents of 50 CEOs interviewed in 2018 and 2019 about how young workers behave in the eyes of professionals.

So that character is necessary because it has become an internal challenge that is necessary until now.

According to him, research shows that the level of creativity of young workers is very good. But unfortunately this is not in line with their behavior in the work environment.

As a result, industry interest in employing Indonesian children with foreign qualifications and children from the region is increasing.

“The problem is not that they study abroad, but that graduates of foreign universities have an extraordinary work ethic,” he said.

Therefore, Devie explained that the role of early childhood education is very important. The government should focus on gradually improving the quality of Indonesian education at all levels so that everything is handled properly.

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Meanwhile, Vice President of the X DPR Commission Agustina Wilujeng Pramestuti said the academic study was a recommendation and consideration for the Indonesia Education Roadmap Committee.


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