Following are the advantages of Android Lollipop that are not widely known

Following Are The Advantages Of Android Lollipop That Are Not Widely Known

catatanpanda. withFollowing are the advantages of Android Lollipop that are not widely known. Android Lollipop is one of the best versions of Android right now. Perhaps this version, there are still many people who do not know.

If your smartphone is equipped with this kind of Android, then after reading the review below about the advantages of Android Lollipop, you will be very surprised. There are at least 6 perks of Android Lollipop which is very amazing, here are some.

Android Lollipop Beautiful Stuff

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  1. Disable Android’s Default Email App

Unlike other Androids, it doesn’t require the Lollipop version of the default email app because everything will be picked up by Gmail. In this way, you can delete the default email application so that more RAM space can be used for other applications. The advantages of Android Lollipop cannot be found. Other kinds of perks, so if you have to be proud of Android Lollipop on your gadget. How to disable email app is to go to app settings menu – then detect email app and disable it.

  1. Longer battery life

Android-based smartphones that users often forget that the time can really accommodate some apps, the battery can be very intensive using gadgets that run out quickly. If you have Android Lollipop all this is energy saving because you have one of the advantages of Android Lollipop. The save feature will help you call so you don’t need the battery to drain right away.

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You also don’t just need to install a power saver app as it will fill up the RAM. To be able to use this feature, you must go to the settings menu and select the energy saving feature.

  1. Hidden games can play

One of the most popular games that has been removed from the Google Play Store is about to drop. However, this game cannot be found at all because the location is hidden. The way to find this game is to open the settings menu and click on it.

Click Next-click archive immediately on “Android version” until the Lollipop logo appears. Click on the logo 4X again, then press and hold it again for some time until the game appears for the birds. The advantage of Android Lollipop is obviously many lovers of fun flat bird games because this is the only place where they can find this game.

  1. Add lock screen saver

Lock screen only enters 4 smartphones, namely pin, swipe, format and password. The advantages of Android Lollipop offer other options in addition to the four types of locks, namely Smart Lock. Smart Lock There are 5 types of locks to choose from, namely Trusted Device, Trusted Location, Trusted Face, Trusted Body and Voice ID.

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For example, if you use the trusted face option, just show your face to unlock your phone. To be able to use this feature, go to Settings, then Security Options, Quick Selection.

  1. Block unwanted phone or SMS

One of them is really very useful when you really don’t want someone to distract you, it can lock your phone or SMS so you can’t get in easily. This facility can be found in Interrupts and Settings, selecting Sounds and Notifications, and then selecting Interrupts. Then you can define what will block SMS or phone numbers.

  1. Take advantage of the “OK Google” feature

If you want to find something, you don’t have to worry about typing in search. The advantage of Android Lollipop is that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for on Google just by listening to your voice command. Google will automatically search for what you want. This feature is just that all languages ​​cannot be used, so you need to change the English language.

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