FM WhatsApp Download APK (Latest Version) Download Kaise karein

Fm Whatsapp Download Apk (Latest Version) Download Kaise Karein

download whatsapp fmYou must have heard of fm WhatsApp at some point or another. So today we are going to talk about WhatsApp FM. Its full form is Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp has 5 lakh of active installs. It has many different features. Like two WhatsApp in one phone, Hide Last Seen, Hide Blue Tick, Anti Delete Messages, read Deleted Message and more. FMWhatsApp is WhatsApp Mod APK Download whose full information is given below. whatsapp fm update 2022 april was released which you can download here.

Download WhatsApp FM

You may have heard the name of GB WhatsApp download, similar people want information on how to download fm whatsapp (fm whatsapp f download), which we will tell in our post today. From here you can download FM WhatsApp FMWhatsapp APK Download (FMWA) which is the latest version (Anti-Ban).

FM WhatsApp Training
Application Name FM WhatsApp
app size 52 MB
Last version v8.35
FMWhatsApp version 2022
Android version required Android 4.4 or higher
Total number of downloads 5 million+
Developer Fouad Mokdad

how to download whatsapp fm

download whatsapp fm 2022What is FMWhatsApp? WhatsApp is useful for sending both messages, but on FM WhatsApp you get the use of Extra and Advance feature and more, which you can’t get on Official Whatsapp. FM WhatsApp If you also want to know more information about FM WhatsApp and want to download it, tell us about it today. Also you can see how to run whatsapp on jio phone.

Features of WhatsApp FM

  1. Lock application: In this app you will have the best option to block. Which you won’t find in the original WhatsApp, it gives you the facility to lock the app, with which you can lock WhatsApp automatically.
  2. Media sharing: FMWhatsApp you are getting a tremendous resource. You can send more than 30 photos to anyone at once. You can only send 30 at a time on real WhatsApp, but not so, you can share more than 700MB of photos, videos and documents.
  3. Privacy feature: You will see like in the original WhatsApp, you will see that you don’t want to appear online, but it still appears online, but that way you can hide many things in it, hide your confidential things, that is, save your privacy. accessible.
  4. View deleted status: You can see anyone’s status using this and he won’t even know you saw his status, you will have this option on WhatsApp FM.
  5. Chat pin: In real WhatsApp, you have the option to pin only three chats. But in this one you can pin 100 chats very easily. That is, you can keep 100 people at the top and you can reach them very easily. Daily, if you want to keep in touch at the top, you can easily use this chat by putting it at the top.
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Download FM Whatsapp APK

After downloading FM WhatsApp, now you still need to install it on your phone, let us show you step by step your complete information. We also gave the apk file download:

FM whatsapp v8. 35 download kaise kare

WhatsApp FM APK Download (52 MB)

Now you can also download the new version of fm whatsapp v8.51 download that we provided above.

Fm Whatsapp Latest Version

how to download whatsapp fm

Step 1: First download FM WhatsApp.

step 2: Before installing FM WhatsApp, you must enable Unknown Sources in the Security section of your phone’s settings.

step 3: Now you can install by clicking on the FM WhatsApp apk file from the download folder.

step 4After the installation is complete, open it and verify your mobile number.

How to install FM Whatsapp?

Step 1: After downloading the Apk file, you have to click install.
step 2: Now click on Settings and enable Unknown Source and click OK.

Download Whatsapp Fm
step 3: Now let the installation complete and click Open.
step 4: Now verify with OTP by entering your mobile number.
Step 5: Now you can enjoy Fum Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp Fm

What’s New in FM WhatsApp APK 2022?

FM WhatsApp 2022 Update: The FM WhatsApp 2022 update brings many amazing features for users. Many of its features are being provided to users in a new FMWA update. Learn from the information above how to download and update this FM Whatsapp 2022

  1. The Anti-Ban system has been improved.
  2. Now you can pin up to 100 chats.
  3. Bugs were fixed in the app.
  4. In the latest 2022 update, you will have a smooth experience.
  5. Bugs and crashes were fixed.
  6. New Launcher icons have been provided.
  7. The camera can now be opened without any bugs.
  8. More themes provided in the app.
  9. Custom features were also added.
  10. The anti-ban system was improved whereby bugs and crashes were also fixed.
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So the new update is really surprising. Let’s take a look at these important features that you will get in the new update.

  1. Users can now open up to 100 chats that were previously limited to just three chats in the official WhatsApp app.
  2. New updated base and new launcher icons have also been added to the new latest version of the app.
  3. Enjoy the new FMWA 2022 themes in the app.
  4. The latest version offers a great experience for you to enjoy WhatsApp with your friends.
  5. As the anti-ban system has also been improved in the app, there is no fear of getting banned from the app as you will get regular updates.

Above we have provided the latest fm whatsapp version download, free fm whatsapp latest version download, fm whatsapp kaise kare download, whatsapp fm latest version download, fm whatsapp latest version update 2022, FMWA , download FMWhatsApp apk 2022, fm whatsapp latest version 8 35, fm whatsapp All details of latest versions 8.35, 8.65, 7.60, v 12.25 have been provided. With which you can run FMWhatsApp and have fun

Common questions

Why is FMWhatsApp banned?

FMWhatsApp is a very popular application with which you can use many new features on your WhatsApp that you don’t get on WhatsApp. This is not the official WhatsApp app so it is banned in many places.

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Where can I download FMWhatsApp?

You can download FMwhatsapp from any third party website. You will not find this app on the playstore.

Can I run two WhatsApp on the same phone?

For information, we inform you that if you have official WhatsApp on your mobile and want to use FM WhatsApp, for this you must first uninstall the official WhatsApp application.

FM WhatsApp is not updating what to do?

For information, please let us know that if you want to update FM Whatsapp, first make a backup and uninstall your existing FM Whatsapp and after that you can download the new version of FM Whatsapp.

Why is fmwhatsapp banned?

fmwhatsapp is not the official version of whatsapp, that’s why this app is banned in many countries. But you can download FM WhatsApp from any third party website.

What is the latest version of WhatsApp FM?

FM WhatsApp Version 9.25 is the latest version of FM WhatsApp as of now

How can I install WhatsApp FM?

After downloading the Apk file, you have to click install.
Now click on Settings and enable Unknown Sources and click OK.
Now let the installation complete and click Open.
Now verify with OTP by entering your mobile number.
Now you can enjoy FM Whatsapp.

Is FMWhatsApp safe for Android?

A security company recently reported that one such medium, FMWhatsApp, is infecting phones with malware and users should remove it quickly, otherwise WhatsApp will ban them.

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