Flying First Class: 6 Luxury Travel Expenses Worth Spending

Flying First Class: 6 Luxury Travel Expenses Worth Spending
Flying First Class: 6 Luxury Travel Expenses Worth Spending

While traveling can be a fun-filled adventure filled with memories to last a lifetime, a vacation can also be a stressful endeavor without the right resources. Fortunately, there are plenty of tried-and-true tips to keep your travels easy and joyful, allowing you to sink your feet into your relaxing getaway.

For those looking to increase their efforts and lessen travel-induced stress, spending more on luxury travel amenities can help you achieve the vacation of your dreams. Read about six travel expenses that are worth the extra money.

sending your car

At first glance, transporting your vehicle may seem like an unnecessary cost when you can rent or use public transport. However, rental rates can add up quickly, and public transport can be a stressful frenzy, leaving you exhausted and frustrated as you try to navigate uncharted lands.

Instead, consider hiring transportation experts to ship your car to its destination and avoid any driving-related stress. If you’re simply not a fan of road travel or are planning a long-term stay, the cost of hauling a car might be worth the convenience of a quick flight.

high quality transport

Avoid paying excessive baggage and baggage fees by purchasing a durable carry-on bag that fits snugly under your seat. While high-quality luggage may cost more upfront, it will last longer than bags made of inferior material.

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Ultimately, splurging on premium bags will avoid annual replacements, reducing the amount you pay in the long run.

comfortable shoes

Whether you’re walking through sprawling airport terminals or trekking through foreign lands, chances are you understand the importance of a high-quality hiking shoe. Buying a new pair of shoes may not seem vital, but your feet will thank you after miles of blister-free walking and exploration.

global entry

Are you a frequent flyer frustrated with long TSA lines and hours of waiting? In that case, it might be worth investing in a global entry membership, allowing you to skip long lines and get through security.

nonstop flights

While booking a non-direct flight can save you money, the stress and frustration of quick layovers and delayed flights outweighs the cost. While the initial expense is more considerable for direct flights, the flip side is a painless and stress-free travel experience.

Plus, you can find nonstop flights from most major airports in the country and get to your dream destination nonstop after stopover.

waterproof clothing

If you plan on spending time outdoors during your trip, consider investing in a set of sturdy, waterproof clothing. There’s nothing worse than being wet and uncomfortable crossing new lands as you try to stay positive and in the moment. However, you can avoid a soggy nightmare with waterproof gear, allowing you to enjoy a waterfall hike without losing feeling in your hands and feet.

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Wrap up

While splurging on services and luxury items while traveling can cost a good penny, the expenses are well worth it in the stress-free environment. Whether you opt for direct flights, a global entry pass or car transport services, spending the extra cash can make or break your trip. After all, quick security check-ins, dry feet and a comfortable car are things you deserve on your sweaty vacation.

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