“Fluffy Food Thieves”: 38 of the best photos of pets trying to steal food or drinks, as shared by the Panda community

“Fluffy Food Thieves”: 38 Of The Best Photos Of Pets Trying To Steal Food Or Drinks, As Shared By The Panda Community

Have you ever caught your pet trying to steal food? If you’re here, then that means you probably have.

As funny as it sounds, pets don’t consider objects as “their/their”. In fact, most animals are quite opportunistic. However, pets can be trained to learn that some items are off-limits. Still, most of them, even when they are aware of it, will still try to steal food when they are out of sight, and then run away, hiding in the process, if they see an opportunity.

With that said, I asked some pandas to share photos of their pets being caught at the “crime scene”.

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