Finding Balance with Stand Up Paddle Yoga | Sport

Finding Balance With Stand Up Paddle Yoga |  Sport

Find balance with a unique training experience at Table Rock Lake.

Ozarks SUP Yoga is a floating mobile yoga studio, which offers its clients various classes, workshops and retreats irrespective of the client’s experience. Their services combine the art of yoga with the tranquility of being on the lake with paddle boards, according to their website.

“We help others get out of their comfort zone to find balance in their lives, bringing the art of yoga to the Ozarks in a happy combination with paddle boarding,” owner and instructor Danielle Arzt told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “We encourage you to delve deeper into yourself. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, young or old, we’ll find you wherever you are so you can find your true happiness.

Artz said that there are many benefits to Stand Up Paddle, also known as SUP, Board Yoga.

The SUP is a low-impact exercise that combines balance, strength, and endurance. It’s a basic workout, but it also works your toes, legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck.

“There are seven benefits of SUP Yoga,” said Artz. “It sets technique on land, strengthens new muscles, relieves stress in nature with fresh air surrounded by the sounds of water and nature, improves breathing techniques, increases flexibility, dramatically improves balance and brings you outdoors.”

Ozarks SUP Yoga offers weekly classes. Every Wednesday, PaddleFit is at 6:30 pm at Big Bear Resort located at 130 Geyser Lane in Hollister. The PaddleFit class teaches clients how to use special techniques and power behind the punches to train the entire body.

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According to Arzt, SUPing is a low-impact exercise that combines balance, strength and endurance. Not only is it an excellent core workout, but your toes, legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck work together. All classes begin with stretching instruction on land. The instructors are also about SUP 101 and safety. Next, students and instructors take to the paddleboards for two aquatic exercises that target the cardiovascular system.

Every Saturday, SUP Board Yoga is at 9:30 am at Table Rock Lake Resort in Indian Point.

“SUP Yoga is a gentle and fun way to practice outdoors on a floating mat,” according to the website. “Our classes are for all levels, including beginners. Don’t worry if you’ve never been, all classes start with SUP 101.”

There are two cost levels, one for those who bring their own boards and another for those who need boards for all classes and workshops.

They also offer Sunset Paddles at Big Bear Resort every Friday at 7pm and offer Sunset Wine Paddles. The Sunset Wine Paddles class is for paddlers of all levels.

“Take your friends or your partner for a wonderful night on the water,” the Facebook event read. “We started with a SUP 101 instruction on land before paddling. Then, we’ll paddle through some coves while enjoying wine and a beautiful sunset to end the night. All equipment and wine included.”

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They also offer guided floating meditation classes, whose website said, “Nature provides a space to release stress, tension or worry from our minds.” These classes are an experience with calming benefits, instructing clients to induce meditation while gently rocking the waves under the paddleboard.

According to the website, they offer a three-day retreat during the annual SUP Yoga Retreat, where customers can be fully immersed in “happiness through an immersion in SUP, yoga, meditation and journaling.”

“From the 9th to the 11th of September we will have a SUP Wellness Retreat in Lampe,” said Artz.

In July they offer two special workshops; Immersion Workshop in Floating Yoga and Sound Bath and the SUP with its PUP Workshop.

The Floating Sound Bath and Yoga Immersion Workshop on Monday, July 11 at 5:30 am at the Hollister location. It will cover the fundamentals of sound therapy;

– An introduction to the healing properties of sound.

– Introduction to the chakra system.

– Vocal exercises and deep listening exercises.

– Sound bath and sound meditation experiences.

– Discuss and share.

– Vinyasa Flow Yoga, a style of yoga characterized by chaining yoga poses together to seamlessly move from one pose to another using the breath.

“Sound Healing is a meditative journey involving singing cups. The resonances produced by the different frequencies and vibrations of these precious metals promote ultimate relaxation. “Sound Healing benefits participants for up to 72 hours. It lowers the heart rate, slows down breathing, relaxes the muscles, releases tension and brings stillness to the mind.”

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Each student in this workshop will receive information about sound therapy, the chakra system and meditative practices to take home.

The SUP workshop with its PUP brings together Stand Up Yoga and animal lovers. In this workshop, Arzt teaches students to introduce their dog to paddle boarding.

Arzt said there are some prerequisites for dogs to participate in the class.

“Dogs should be well behaved, socialized and comfortable in the water and have a life jacket,” Arzt said.

Arzt is the founder, head coach and instructor of OSY. She is also a Glide SUP Pro Ambassador. In 2017, she completed 200 hours of Hatha Teacher Training at Ozark Mountain Yoga. That same year, she completed her SUP Yoga teacher training with a Boga Yoga Pro Ambassador in Florida. Shortly after her first two courses, she jumped into class. In 2018, she founded Ozarks SUP Yoga, the first floating mobile studio in southwest Missouri at Table Rock Lake. She recently created her own training for SUP Yoga teachers.

According to the website, Arzt continues to deepen his own practices through training and workshops with yoga, meditation, trauma, Reiki practitioners and sound healers around the world. She also serves as a psychiatrist in the field.

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