Federal Alumni Poly Ede suspends national president

Federal Alumni Poly Ede Suspends National President

Federal Alumni Poly Ede Suspends National President

The Federal Polytechnic Ed Alumni Association (FPEA) has suspended its national president, Bashir Shittu, over allegations of financial misappropriation and abuse of power.

The suspension was included in a letter signed by the association’s national secretary, Buhari T. Abiodun.

In a letter obtained by the Daily Mail on Sunday, the group revealed that the country’s suspended president sought to violate certain parts of the FPEA constitution.

In the letter, the sum of ten million, thirty thousand, nine hundred and sixty-one naira and ninety Cobo (N10.030.961:90) was spent by the president without seeking the approval of the National Executive Council.

According to the letter, “three previous meetings of the NEC have been held to ask the president for a qualitative explanation of how he spends his money and who approves of it.

“It was also agreed to suspend further spending until a detailed explanation and report are presented for approval, but the President continued to approve a total of 430,000 naira (N430,000), including an amount of two hundred and sixty thousand naira (N260,000 ). Approved by yourself.

“The National Electoral Commission, at its emergency meeting today, after careful consideration, has decided to suspend the president indefinitely and nominate Mr. Samson Ogundipe (the first vice president) as the interim president of the country.”

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In his response, embattled President Shittu Basiru called the meeting illegal.

In his words, “it was an unauthorized and illegal meeting that I did not attend,” he said.President Of The Suspended State Federal Poly Alumni

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