Fast and liquid online loans, secure injection of funds supervised by OJK

Fast And Liquid Online Loans, Secure Injection Of Funds Supervised By Ojk

Online loan platform with quick liquidity is certainly a very useful thing. Not a few people who need an injection of funds immediately take advantage of the loan application. In Indonesia itself, things are familiar. However, the important thing and we should pay attention when using a loan is whether the loan is under the supervision of the OJK or not.

In today’s sophisticated and technologically responsive era, society is facilitated by the existence of various platforms that provide lending services. Knowing this, it is certain that many people flock to not want to be left behind. Despite this, there are many explosions that are really upsetting the community.

You need to know that secured loans are loans that are under the supervision of OJK. What is OJK? The Financial Services Authority, which is an institution tasked with overseeing all financial activities, including lending. This service is also a service established by the State. The presence of the OJK also offers its own advantages.

Fast And Liquid Online Loans

Some recommended fast liquid online loans

There are many people who want to be deceived by the loan application. Also, there are many facts that occurred in Indonesia about the existence of bullshit. It is certain that bullshit will result in losses.

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Well then the solution is to choose the official pinjol. Confused what are the official pinjol apps? Here is more detailed information.


The first fast liquidity online loan recommendation is Danabijak. You need to know that this loan service has terms and conditions for anyone who wants to use it. The existence of these conditions is also intended to make it easier for users to obtain funds quickly and easily. You can also use this pinjol online, via a smartphone.

This fact makes the process of disbursing funds easy and quick. As a user, you also borrow up to 3 million rupees, repayment period is 30 days. As for the nominal loan, you can choose it yourself. More precisely, according to your needs.

Some of the conditions that apply are, the borrower must be 21 years old. He is an Indonesian citizen, has a savings account, e-mail address and an identity card. Furthermore, he must have an income of at least 1.6 million.

my money

A quick and liquid online loan that you can use is Tunaiku. Pinjol application that has been around since 2014. Although it has been around for a long time, it has the best existence so far. There are people who are getting more and more interested in using it every day.

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Subsequently, all transactions will be carried out with guaranteed security. Because, this APK has a clear system. You can also borrow up to 20 million. How about the flowers? You will be accused of several. It depends on how long the refund period is. From 5 million to 20 million.

July APK

The advantage of this app is that it offers quick loan funds. The company has been in operation since 2016. It has served many customers. Don’t worry, transactions with this app are safe. This is because the company Julo already has an official license and was also inspected by the OJK.

Using this app you can get various loan amounts. From 2-8 million. The payback period? Julo’s policy is for 6 months. so the interest on the loan itself is 0.1%.

Interest determination is also not charged to customers. then it will be more helpful to overcome your difficulties. However, this APK will also provide cashback to your customers whenever they pay installments.

installment application

Maybe someone is familiar with this application? A service that facilitates the borrowing of funds for students. Perhaps, in general, a conventional lending institution that requires a credit history. Also, minimal data collection is required for submission requirements.

Of course, this is not the property of the students. Thus, this installment loan is granted on a limited basis. Only students who meet the requirements can take out loans. Although you can borrow easily and quickly. But this Cicil applies strict conditions. So whoever needs quick cash, you can use some of these quick and liquid online loans.

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