Explore 4 Tips for Writing Persuasive Texts About Good Health

Explore 4 Tips For Writing Persuasive Texts About Good Health

A persuasive text is a text whose purpose is to invite or persuade the reader to do what the author says. The theme of the persuasion text is very diverse, one of them being health. So how easy is it to write persuasive health text? Let’s take a look at the steps below!

How to write persuasive text

  1. Choose the topic to be discussed

The healthcare world has many issues that need to be discussed in more depth. You must determine in advance what the main theme or invitation is that you want to convey to the reader. That way, the direction of your writing becomes clearer and more systematic. One of the hottest topics in recent years is the persuasion around the invitation to wear masks.

  1. Recording Detailed Facts

You can compose a persuasive paragraph based on real facts. You can also get references from books or even research journals if they agree with what you want to campaign for. Through the above list of facts, all readers get more interested and finally agree with what you propose.

Persuasive Health Text

  1. Composition of opinions

After all the facts have been written down neatly, then you need to add your personal opinion on the matter being discussed. Express this opinion as a supplement, as well as a paragraph leading to a conclusion. You only write because you agree with the fact and because the suggestion or invitation given is very important.

  1. Write the text neatly

In fact, writing persuasive texts doesn’t have to be directly on the computer. It’s good if you organize it manually on paper. At least make a simple scribble so it’s easier to dump it on real media. In this way, the persuasive text on health that has been made will be tidier and more conceptual.

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In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are several important requirements or characteristics of persuasive text that should not be overlooked. The text must be able to provoke the reader’s emotions so that the interested party agrees with what you propose, this is important so that what you propose is really understood by the reader.

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