Examples of CPNS, Terms, Conditions and Methods

Examples Of Cpns, Terms, Conditions And Methods

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Will you follow the CPNS admissions selection in 2019? What do you think is the step that confuses you? In view, the CPNS selection record in 2018 and 2019 is different from previous years.

The Meaning Of Selfie

For example, in 2018 and 2019, potential selection participants must upload selfies to their SSCN accounts to be used as criteria for filling out the administrative selection form. So what were the rules for taking selfies for the CPNS the year before? Here’s more!

What is a selfie?

Selfie is an activity to take a picture of yourself using a camera, be it a digital camera or a cell phone camera or you know it as a selfie.

With the prevalence of selfies, BKN doesn’t want to be left behind. Apparently, this work has also been used as a criterion for CPNS registration in all arrangements since 2018.

Based on the BKN information, this selfie is useful as a validation to prevent fraudulent practices in CPNS registration while helping applicants who don’t have time with their account passwords.

CPNS selfie requirements

Based on the 2019 CPNS registration instructions, before taking a portrait, you must register for an account by entering your NIK (Population Identification Number), KK (Family Card) number, full name as per the document of identity, place of date of birth according to the identity document. and CAPTCHA code.

If your KTP number cannot be used to register, please follow up with Dukcapil Service, not BKN.

After completing the identification, you must upload a portrait with a red background, portrait position with an aspect ratio of 3:4.

Account registration is set to complete if you have successfully printed the account/registration information card. The following photograph will be shown on your exam card. Examples of account information cards that should be printed and used when taking selfies are as follows:

Cpns Selfie Requirements

CPNS selfie provisions

So what is the selfie capture technique for CPNS in 2019?

If you have successfully printed your account information card, you will be able to take pictures. The provisions for selfies for CPNS are as follows:

  1. CPNS Selfie Clothing is free and polite clothing. However, it’s better if you’re wearing a collar.
  2. Free CPNS selfie background.
  3. When taking pictures, the face and identity written on the ID card and account information card should be clear, so retention technique should also be considered. Don’t let your fingers cover the pictures and IDs on your ID cards or account information cards. In addition to fixing techniques, lighting is also very important. It’s best if you choose a bright spot.

The procedure for the selfie technique is as follows:

  • It has KTP on the right and an account/registration information card on the left. If your KTP has not been made, take a picture using a Certificate issued by Dukcapil Service.
  • The shooting position must be landscape (horizontal/wide position).
  • Taking a portrait of a parent doesn’t necessarily have to be yourself. If you feel difficult, you can ask to be photographed by someone else.

How to upload CPNS selfie

Before loading it, you must log in again to the SSCN account that was previously registered. Then click on “Choose file” and select the selfie that has been prepared.

The maximum size of the picture that must be uploaded is 200 kB with the extension .JPEG/JPG. If your portrait doesn’t have a .JPEG/JPG extension, do the conversion first, both offline and online. If it has been uploaded, you can see the results in the “Your Selfie” section.

Examples of correct selfies are as follows:

How To Upload Cpns Selfie

The image above indicates that the account information card can be reprinted if the data entered is still incorrect. Therefore, you must verify that the data is correct before taking a selfie.

How to set selfie size

As the review above, the maximum size that can be uploaded is 200 kB. That is, if your portrait size is larger than that, it must be compressed first.

In this discussion, Quipper Blog uses Pic Resize software. However, you can use other software that is easier. What is the technique to adjust CPNS selfie size using Pic Resize software?

  1. Buka Pic Resize software.
  2. Pilih Browse atau Drag and drop a file here or click.
  3. Select the portrait you want to reduce in size.
  4. Lalu, click CONTINUE EDIT IMAGE.
  5. Set the width of the left and right portraits to make them lighter and click CROPPING SELECTION.
  6. Click Save As, the required portrait extension will appear. Select JPG.
    Click JPG Max File Size (Optional) and fill in the desired size, for example 200 kB.
  7. The last step, click DONE, SIZE MY IMAGE!

So far, do you know about selfies for CPNS?

Based on information from the PAN-RB Ministry, in 2021 there will be a re-recruitment of CPNS and 1 million PPK/P3K teachers. Are the criteria the same as in the previous recruitment? For this, try to be patient and wait for the official announcement of the BKN as the CPNS selection committee.

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Selfie example

Selfie Sample

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