Eril’s Charity Camp Revealed: God Shows the World

Eril’s Charity Camp Revealed: God Shows The World

Eril’s Charity Camp Revealed: God Shows the World
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Ridwan Kamil’s son Eril revealed that he is very helpful to the community.

John Endra

Tuesday, June 07, 2022 | 13:49 WIB

koksti. with – Ridwan Kamil always remembers the kindness of his son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz, alias Eril, during his lifetime. Recently, Ridwan Kamil expressed Eril’s passion for benefiting the community.

One of Eril’s strengths is Zilennial Mobile West, a youth organization in the humanities founded by Eril.

“We are young, ready to act.” This is the spirit of Eril, inviting young people to always make an impact and benefit the community. Anyway. One is through the youth organization in the humanitarian field that he founded, Jabar Bergerak Zilennial,” wrote Ridwan Kamil when uploading a video of Eril promoting the West Java Zilennial Movement.

Ridwan Kamil also reiterated Eril’s belief that Indonesia can make progress if it sees the number of young people willing to intervene.

A number of netizens were amazed to see how amazing Eril’s spirit was throughout her life. Also, Eril seems quiet and doesn’t talk much to carry out activities that are beneficial to the community.

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Ridwan Kamil Uploaded Eril'S Video.  (Instagram/Ridwankamil)
Ridwan Kamil uploaded Eril’s video. (Instagram/ridwankamil)

“This is a charity farm that Eril hid for so long and this is what became a charity for Eril. Eril always covers up his kindness and now it is God himself who is showing the world how great and godly Eril is. .

“Not only young people, my aunt is also very inspired by Eril. I want to be good and pious, and educate children like Eril,” said another netizen.

It was previously reported that West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil’s eldest son Emmeril Khan Mumtadz or Eril was reported missing after being swept away by the current of the Aare River, Bern, Switzerland on Thursday (26/5/2022) ) by local residents. Time.

Eril was swept away while swimming with her family members. So far, the whereabouts of the young man are still being sought by security forces in Switzerland.

The tragedy happened when Ridwan Kamil’s family was looking for a school for Eril to pursue a master’s degree in Switzerland. Ridwan Kamil himself was in England when the incident occurred.

Ridwan Kamil, his wife, Atalia Prataya, and their daughter left for Indonesia since Friday (03/06/2022). His party said it was sincere and believed that his son, Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz, known as Eril, died after being swept away by the currents of the Aare River in Switzerland.

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