Elsa Ngadu to Papa Surya, Ricky Threatens to Distribute Keisha DNA Test

Elsa Ngadu To Papa Surya, Ricky Threatens To Distribute Keisha Dna Test
Love Bond Saturday, June 18, 2022: Elsa Ngadu To Papa Surya, Ricky Threatens To Distribute Keisha'S Dna Test

JAKARTA, INDONESIATODAY.CO.ID – Elsa is frightened by Ricky’s threat to reveal Keisha’s DNA test to Nino. Therefore, Elsa complained to Papa Surya.

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Elsa tells Papa Surya that Ricky will take her abroad. However, Papa Surya firmly urged Elsa not to obey Ricky’s orders.

“I’m afraid, dad, Ricky threatened me, he asked me to go with him”, said Elsa in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta, Saturday (18/06/2022).

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“Yes, you don’t have to listen, don’t obey Ricky’s strange wishes,” Papa Surya said.

Papa Surya is confused about Elsa because she is so afraid of Ricky’s threats. However, Elsa doesn’t want to be honest with Papa Surya and hides about Keisha’s DNA test.

“Papa wonders why you have to be afraid of Ricky. What makes you feel this way about Ricky,” Papa Surya said.

“Well yeah, I don’t want to go with him either. What we do know is he’s been a fugitive all this time, Dad, you can be reckless and what’s going to happen to him next, Dad,” Elsa said.

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