Effective ways to restore lost WA groups (100% successful)

Effective Ways To Restore Lost Wa Groups (100% Successful)

Returning a Lost WA Group WhatsApp is indeed one of the most used apps today. In fact, this app also has a number of features such as halbya video calls and phone calls that can be more than 4 people, story upload for up to a day, and various funny emojis to describe users’ expressions.

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Even on WhatsApp, we can also create our own groups. However, there are several cases that occur frequently, namely the WA group suddenly disappears. So how to return? Here are some comments on how to restore lost WA groups in an instant!

Discover the WhatsApp application

WhatsApp is a messaging-based application that has a variety of features. From video call feature, voice, send status, audio, photo, video, equipped with various support funny emoticons.

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This app also makes it easy for other people to contact relatives and friends. Still interesting, in this WA app, users can create discussion groups with close friends.

How to return a lost WA group easily

Effective Ways To Restore Lost Wa Groups (100% Successful)

How to restore lost group from WA is really very easy, even the method is almost the same as restoring chat history in WA. As is known, WA group loss can be restored if it has been backed up.

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Normally this data backup is done every 2 hours in the morning. Where all chat content, documents and other data are stored in phone storage or Google Drive. The storage period is seven days. Here are some ways to easily restore lost WA groups!

1. Uninstall WhatsApp and try to reinstall

Removing the WhatsApp app and reinstalling it has really become something that is often done if WA is in error. This is also a common practice of some users. When suddenly the WA group disappears, the application uninstallation can be done. Then download the app again via Playstore or Appstore.

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2. Re-enter the mobile number used in WhatsApp before

After successfully uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Then, you have to enter the Whatsapp application using the mobile number that was previously used for the Whatsapp account. Make sure the number used is still active so that the verification process can be carried out correctly.

3. Select Restore from the option that appears on the phone screen

So, if you have reinstalled the app, you can immediately press tap restore from the option listed. Usually there will be a tone to restore via chat history to media via Google Drive. If it was saved or backed up to Google Drive, data such as groups and chats will be automatically restored.

4. Click Advanced Options for WhatsApp Launch Stage

After that press continue. Later there will be a display during the boot process. Restoring this WA group also uses Google Drive recovery. If WA data history like groups is still on mobile, WA will automatically recover data from files on mobile

The main cause of WhatsApp groups disappearing by itself

Effective Ways To Restore Lost Wa Groups (100% Successful)

Losing a group or missing chat must have an important underlying cause. Currently, WhatsApp is widely used for various purposes, both for sending private messages to friends, and for sending audio, video and photos.

Even through WA we can also create groups and discuss anything freely. But sometimes there are some issues that occur frequently in WA, one of which is a bug and some groups are missing.

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Of course, this has several causes that may not be noticed. Following are the main causes of sudden disappearance of WA groups, including:

1. Accidentally delete data in WhatsApp storage

Users often erase data on their cell phone, the aim is to clear the data so that it doesn’t get full and slow down the cell phone. However, some important WhatsApp data will also be deleted. That’s what the chat does until the WA group disappears.

So, you should be careful when deleting or wiping data. So that the WA data is not lost, it is necessary to backup it to Google Drive. As a guard or anticipation if at any moment bad things happen.

2. Suspicious use of antivirus and data cleaning applications

Chat history for WA groups can be deleted due to using an app i.e. an antivirus cleaner or certain data cleaners. If there is a cleaner app that will delete all important WA data until it is lost, then it would be better if the app is uninstalled.

3. There is corrupt data on WhatsApp

Whatsapp data may be deleted by itself due to corrupted data that has occurred. This means that the data cannot be opened, which causes a temporary error. This can happen without realizing it, so suddenly the history and wa groups can disappear without a trace. Of course it won’t

4. Uninstall Whatsapp and reinstall

Users sometimes delete Whatsapp because of an error, do a new update, memory is full, buy a new phone and various other reasons. Then they reinstall and perform data recovery. Even if the previous data has not been copied or saved, all the data and groups it contains may be deleted and lost.

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5. Downloading and using on a new phone

For WA users, buying a new phone is actually a lot of fun. In fact, many users immediately transfer their WA to their latest mobile. Of course, this sometimes means users haven’t taken a backup and some files aren’t stored on their phone or Google Drive. Because this will provide convenience in storing data so that it is not lost at any time.

These are some of the underlying reasons why WA chats and groups can disappear by themselves. In fact, we can anticipate using the backup mode available in the WhatsApp app. Everything can be overcome in various ways to restore lost WA groups easily and quickly i.e. by backing up message history in WhatsApp data.

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But, what should be remembered if you want to backup this WA data is to make sure your network is good and stable because if it is not good then it will be difficult to save and recover lost WA group data.

How to restore lost WA group also has a method which is almost the same as recovering WhatsApp chat history, this is very easy and fast so that you no longer have to worry if at any time you have problems and data disappear by themselves.

However, the data history should pay attention whether the backup data is still stored on the phone or not. Otherwise, you can restart Whatsapp with a fresh start. This is a review on how to restore a lost WA group easily and quickly without taking too much time.

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