Duvernay-Tardif Deferring NFL Career To Do His Residency

Duvernay-Tardif Deferring Nfl Career To Do His Residency

Canadian Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is putting his NFL career on hold once again.


Duvernay-Tardif told Canadian media on Wednesday that he has acquired 4 contracts for NFL golf equipment – he would not be exposing the groups – but is putting football on the back burner after being accepted into a residency program at an area hospital. of Montreal, starting the following month.

The veteran offensive lineman has been an unrestricted free agent since March. He is not retiring, relatively he is taking good care of medical needs and wanted to grow up to be a doctor.

He plans to reevaluate his football curiosity as well as potential NFL golf gear in September.

“I will prioritize drugs. . . and we will see in September if there is an adjustment”, said Duvernay-Tardif in a telephone interview. “After eight years in the NFL, and I don’t need to sound pretentious by saying this, but I believe I’ve earned the right to do my best for myself and not just football and bet a little on myself.

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“I’m actually pleased with the chance and I’m sure there will be a suggestion on the table in September if I want it. And if I want, I accept. If the drugs work and I really feel like I’ve managed to be in the market at the entrance of 80,000 people to play the game I really enjoy, properly I will but I believe I would like it to be more in my words.”

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Duvernay-Tardif stated that it has been cleaned and updated with golf equipment related to his medical appointments.

“I thought it was best to keep it simple and say that one of the best transfers for me was to start my residency in July, but I was open to maybe doing a transfer in September,” he said. “Apparently, some groups were quite open to this concept.

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“I have another ardor that I’ve worked hard over the last 14 years to preserve with the demands of football. . . and I can’t jeopardize that, despite all I’ve accomplished.”

Duvernay-Tardif stated that if a return to the NFL is on the cards, he has assured that he will give him the chance to take a five-month leave of absence to resume his professional career.

“When September comes, I’ll know whether or not this (football) will affect my curriculum,” he said. “After waking up at 6am to do hospital rounds for 2 months, I will know what I would like to do.

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“I’m going to keep in shape because I don’t need my physical condition to be an impediment for me to come back.”

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The transfer is not shocking. After finishing the final season with the New York Jets, Duvernay-Tardif, 6’2″ and 300 pounds, informed Canadian reporters that he had medical school issues to deal with this winter, as well as his NFL future.

He earned his doctorate in drugs and a degree in surgical procedure from McGill College in 2018, and Duvernay-Tardif stated that medical graduates generally had 4 years to begin their residency.

“McGill always told me that principles were principles,” he said. “You acquired eight years to complete your doctorate and four years after graduating to apply for residency.

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“I graduated in 2018 and so I knew that starting July 1, 2022 I would have to apply for a residency program. . . I’m quite excited about it.”

It is not the first time that Duvernay-Tardif has decided to leave professional football. Shortly after serving the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs with a tremendous Bowl win, the Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Que. working at a Montreal Long Term Care Center.

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Duvernay-Tardif was widely known for his determination. He was co-recipient of the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada’s top athlete and named ESPN Humanitarian of the Yr’s Muhammad Ali Sports, as well as certainly one of the Sports Illustrated 2020 Sportspersons of the 12 months.

He has also served on the NFL Gamers’ Affiliation’s COVID-19 work pressure and remains on the union’s health and safety committee.

Duvernay-Tardif returned to Kansas Metropolis’ final season anticipating the battle for his starting spot. However, he suffered a hand injury throughout the training camp which sidelined him for a month.

When Duvernay-Tardif rejoined the group, he was inactive because rookie Trey Smith, a ’21 sixth-round draft pick, became the Chiefs’ starting starter. In November, Duvernay-Tardif waived his no-trade clause, allowing Kansas Metropolis to trade him to the Jets.

The 31-year-old started seven of his eight video games in proper guard for the Jets (4-13), who completed the finals in the AFC East.

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Duvernay-Tardif said that he still has a strong enthusiasm for football, he may move away from sports content with his career achievements.

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“Completely,” he said. “Once I opted out, I was comfortable with the concept of not playing football again after winning a tremendous Bowl and I believe I have that same mindset.

“For me, it could be a question of the game, the tradition of the group I’m going to, the perspective of winning the Tremendous Bowl. And more importantly, does it go with drugs and I really feel like I can put the drugs on hold for 5 months to do that?”

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Duvernay-Tardif was already in medical school when Kansas Metropolis took him in the sixth round of the 14th NFL draft out of McGill. He initially played football during the NFL season, then spent his off season persevering in his medical research.

Duvernay-Tardif started 57 out of 60 career video games with Kansas Metropolis. He made his first NFL start in 2015 and helped the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 31-20 over the San Francisco 49ers on February 2, 2020.

Not long ago, the CEGEP college that Duvernay-Tardif attended was named after him in its locker room. In Quebec, university students attend high school through grade 11, then attend a CEGEP facility for 2 years, collaborating on packages that bring them together for both college and the job market.

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“That was pretty sweet,” said Duvernay-Tardif. “I wasn’t sure how I was going to react, but man, I was thrilled.

“At McGill, I found out a lot that I wasn’t part of the camaraderie (dressing room) because I was in the library all the time without classes. Throughout my time at the school I went to, I really felt like I was part of something and it was excellent. Lots of good reminiscences there.”

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