Dude Download youtube video to mp4 Terbaru 2022

Dude Download Youtube Video To Mp4 Terbaru 2022

Cara Convert youtube video to mp4 TerbaruHello friends, this time we are going to discuss how to convert a YouTube video to an Mp4 file format. in the modern era like today, everything you do can generate rupee safes.

It is no wonder that so many people are vying to record their activities and then upload them to various well-known social media platforms, one of which is called YouTube.

there are also those who use social media platforms to upload their work, whether it be photos, art or photos of daily activities. For example, what has recently grown is the existence of a student at a well-known university in the city of Semarang named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, but known by the stage name Ghozali Everyday.

Ghozali himself went viral because he sold a picture of himself taking selfies in front of a computer screen, this was done for 5 years and then sold on a marketplace site called OpenSea, at first he didn’t think it would become famous and viral like It is today, moreover, he managed to earn an income of 1.5 billion rupees, a fantastic amount for a senior year student.

Because of his fame, there are many people who follow in Ghozali’s footsteps, join in selling selfie photos and some also sell family card photos, ID cards and others with the aim of wanting to be like Ghozali. well this also happens with the users of the youtube platform, a lot of people change their profession as youtubers.

What is Youtube?


YouTube with website address youtube.com is a well-known digital platform that was created deliberately to share files in a video format that is very popular nowadays. So far, YouTube users have reached millions of users all over the world. they create a youtube account to make videos, upload them to be used to watch a video.

Youtube itself was created by three people named Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steven Chen in 2005 in San Mateo, California, United States. These three people were originally employees of a paypal company (an online transaction tool in the form of an account linked to a credit card).

The initial goal of creating a YouTube platform was for everyone to share their videos, but over time, YouTube has become a place to share videos of personal activities (Vlogs), music collections, tutorials, and a place to promote a product.

In 2005, to be exact, in November, YouTube first received funds from investors of a company called Sequoia Capital worth $11.5 million and in 2006 YouTube again received investment funds of $8 million from a company called Capital Management.

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In 2006, to be more precise, in November the giant company Google officially bought YouTube shares at a price of $1.6 billion, so that by now YouTube has become a subsidiary of Google. Youtube has a policy of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for users who want to earn through youtube videos, and the main condition for monetization is original videos, not the result of stealing other people’s videos.

The first video uploaded to the youtube website is called “Me at the zoo” at a zoo at the San Diego Zoo on April 23, 2005 which includes a video of Karim Jaw as one of the founders of youtube.

So far, several well-known YouTubers have gotten the most subscribers, including Justin Bieber with 67.2 million subscribers,

BLACKPINK with 71.6 million subscribers and also PewDiePie 111 million subscribers while for Indonesian YouTubers it is held by several famous youtubers like Tanboy kun with 12.1 million subscribers, Deddy Corbuzier with 13.9 million subscribers,

MiawAug with 14 million subscribers, Naisa Alifia Yuliza 16.2 million subscribers, Frost Diamond 17.5 million subscribers, Baim Paula 18.2 million subscribers, Rans Entertainment 19.7 million subscribers, Jess No Limit 21.5 million subscribers, Ricis official 24.8 million subscribers, Atta Halilintar 26.8 million subscribers and many other youtubers.

What is meant by MP4?

MP4 or called MPG-4 is a digital video format with a formal .MP4 or .MPG-4 file where this video format supports various video player media such as computers, cell phones, VCD players and others.

MP4 itself is widely chosen by users because of its flexible support for various media players and has a smaller file size than other video file formats.

What is the difference between MP3 and MP4?

Well, if above we discussed what Mp4 format is, this time we will explain what is the difference between Mp4 and Mp3 formats.

In general, MP4 is a video format with .MPG-4 format which in its usage is most used by users due to its smaller file size and also support in various media players.

While Mp3 is a sound format with .mp3 format where the file is produced in sound form without any image, the mp3 file itself is highly sought after by users because the file size is much smaller than MPG-4 and is Widely used for various needs such as dancing, song covers.

dude download youtube video

If you often watch YouTube videos, you have already thought about how to download or download existing videos in video or mp3 format. Well, this time we are going to discuss how to download Youtube videos with or without an app for free. You can practice this method yourself through your computer or cell phone.

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Here’s how to download videos from Youtube:

1.Com Savefrom.Net

The first way we use is through the site save from net, savefrom.net is a site that serves to download videos from YouTube and it can be done easily according to your wishes without having to download additional files, just copy the video link you want and paste it on the site. save from the net.

Here’s how to download videos via savefrom net:

  • firstly, open the website page youtube. with.
  • then find the video you want to download
  • copy the youtube video link earlier eg “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_lwkqKTzEw “
  • then open the save from net site with the address save from.net / https://savefrom.biz
  • Paste the YouTube video URL link before and click to start
  • then a choice of video resolution will appear that you can download
  • choose one and click download
  • The YouTube video has been successfully downloaded.

2. With Y2mate

The second way you can do it is to use the Y2mate website, just copy the youtube video link and then enter the y2mate website, click start and start the download.

Here’s how to download youtube videos through the Y2mate website:

  • Firstly, open your YouTube and find the video you want to download
  • the second step, please open the website y2mate.com
  • Paste the video link that was copied earlier and click to start
  • Then a selection of files will appear that you can download
  • diantaranya .mp3 format (128kbps), meliputi video format 720p (.mp4) m-HD, 480p (.mp4), 360p (.mp4), 240p (.mp4), 144p (.mp4), and 144p (.3gp ) ).
  • so please click download

3. With 9 Converter

The third way to download YouTube videos is with the Convert 9 website. The method is also very simple, just copy and paste the video link, then just click download.

Following are the steps to download YouTube videos with 9 Convert:

  • Firstly, open the YouTube website and find the video you want
  • copy the video url link
  • Please open the website 9convert.com
  • Paste the video link and click to start .
  • Then a wide selection of formats will appear, ranging from video to mp3, choose one.
  • click download and click download again
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4. With CcClipconverter.Cc

The fourth way you can try is to use the CcClipconverter.Cc website, this website is rarely used by people because few people know this information.

Here’s how to download youtube videos with CcClipconverter.Cc:

  • Firstly, open the YouTube website and find the video you want
  • Copy the video link you want earlier
  • please open the website CcClipconverter.Cc
  • paste the URL link you copied earlier,
  • Next click download

5. With youcut.com

The fifth way to download YouTube videos is to use youcut.com website, this website offers users 4 options i.e. Mp3 (Audio), Mp4 (Video), WAV (Audio) and Gif.

Here’s how to download youtube videos with youcut.com:

  • please open youtube website and copy the video link you want.
  • Please open the website https://you.com/.
  • Paste the video link that was copied earlier
  • select the desired video format.
  • next click Format change to Mp4.

6. With 2conv.com

Friend, the next way to download YouTube videos is to use 2conv.com website, this website is a YouTube video download site that offers various format options including mp3, mp4 and avi.

Here’s how to download YouTube videos with 2 conv.com:

  • First, open your YouTube, search for the video you want to download
  • please copy the video link
  • Next, go to the link https://2conv.com/.
  • Select the desired video format and click To convert.

7.Com Deturl.com

The 7th way to download YouTube videos is to use deturl.com website, on this website you can easily download the video format you want.

Here’s how to download youtube videos with deturl.com:

  • Firstly, find and copy the URL of the video you want
  • Then open the website http://deturl.com/
  • Paste the video link that was copied earlier
  • then click “Download video”.

In addition to the above 7 ways to download youtube videos, you can also download youtube videos using the website below.

8. https://www.videovor.com/
9. https://www.yt2mp3.ws/youtube-video-downloader.html

the final word

Youtube is an inseparable part of the millennial society as it is today, as YouTube offers many benefits and references for users who are looking for solutions to the problems they are facing or are also looking for the latest ideas that can be developed so that they can add more information about user information of watched videos.

Well friends, that’s what we wrote this time about how to download the latest youtube videos to mp4, I hope that what we wrote can be of benefit to the readers of this site.

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