Drift Max Pro Mod Unlimited Money Latest Version Update

Drift Max Pro Mod Unlimited Money Latest Version Update

As is well known, racing is not just a matter of competing for speed. There are also races that prioritize the acceleration of a car called Drift. If you already have Drift Racing themed games, you can try Drift Max Pro.

This game really gives an interesting feel to drift racing. In this game your skills in controlling a car will be really tested. Intrigued by the Drift Max game, just take a look at the information that will be explained below.

Drift Max Pro quick review

Drift Max Pro Quick Review

Drift Max Pro is a 3D racing game where the main objective of players is not just to accelerate to reach the finish line. While on the race track, you must collect various types of special signals.

The more marks you are able to collect, of course the higher the score you will get. For control issues, this game offers two control system options that can be used. That is, between using the buttons on the screen and using the accelerometer by tilting the phone.

Regardless of how you drive the car, the main key to winning races in this game is to skid or slide correctly. You need to maintain a balance between various aspects such as speed, driving direction and also brakes.

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This game is free to play and comes with a variety of interesting content. From a very varied selection of maps, to used car customization. You can design the car this way and use it on challenging tracks.

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Differences Drift Max Pro Mod and original versions

Differences Drift Max Pro Mod And Original Versions

Well, on this occasion a mod or modified version of the Drift Max game will be shared. Of course, the mod version brings several features that will make a difference from the original version. Here are some differences between the mod version and the original version of the game.

mod version Original version
In-game money is unlimited and will not be used. In-game gold is unlimited and will not deplete when used. All cars are unlocked and can be used for free. All in-game items are unlocked and can be purchased at will. Players need to earn in-game money by winning matches. Players need to top up with real money to buy gold. To use the desired car, players need to buy it first. Some new items are unlocked and can be purchased at certain levels.

Drift Max Pro Features

Drift Max Pro Features

This modified version of Drift Max game comes with the aim to make it more comfortable for users when playing it. The comfort felt by these users may be due to the following characteristics.

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1. Unlimited Money and Gold

The first and most needed resource by players is unlimited money and gold. When playing this modded version, the money and gold in your account will be instantly loaded with no need to fight to win matches or reload.

With this unlimited money and gold, you can of course immediately use it for various activities. For example, how to buy a new car, customize a car, upgrade a car’s engine and much more.

2. Unlocking all cars

When you play the original Drift Max game for the first time, there are still some cars that are still locked and cannot be bought and used. To unlock it, you must reach a certain level by winning races.

Surely this will take a lot of time, especially since this game can’t be played all the time, right? Well luckily in this mod version all the cars in the game are already unlocked. So you can freely choose and buy the car you want to use.

3. All items unlocked

Not just cars, items in this game will also unlock according to player level. Therefore, for players with low levels, they will not be able to buy items available for high levels.

Although the use of this item is very influential on the car’s performance during the race. Therefore, the developer of this mod has added a feature in the form of all in-game items being unlocked. You are free to buy items to win the races that follow.

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4. There are many modes

This game offers many modes that can be used by all players. If you don’t have an internet quota, you can play this game offline. However, for those who have a lot of internet quota, it is recommended to use the online mode.

Because in this online mode, you can compete racing skills with other Drfit Max players. Not only that, but there are also special events that are always featured on it. Certainly these events will give players very attractive prizes.

5. Intuitive control

The control mechanism used in this game is dynamic and flexible. This game is guaranteed to give you a new experience, in the form of a real feeling of driving a high performance car.

In addition, you can choose one of the two control mode options available. Namely, the automatic gear shift control mode, which tends to make the game control comfortable. Or manual mode, which will give you a more realistic feeling when driving a racing car.

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Download Drift Max Pro

Drift Max Pro

For those who want to play Mod version of Drift Max Pro, you cannot download it from Google Play Store. As this is not an official app, you need to download it from a special website that provides it. For that, here is the download link for the Drift Max Mod Pro version.

Download the game through the link we provide HERE.

game nama Drift Max Pro
Size 58 MB
Version Last version
Feature Unlimited Money

Guy Install Drift Max Pro

After successfully getting the Drift Max Mod version Apk file via the above link, now you just need to install it. However, as this game is not downloaded from the Google Play Store, the installation process must be done manually as follows.

  • The first thing to do is enter the app Definitions or Definitions on your smartphone.
  • The next step, please open the menu security and accessibility.
  • Then tap on toggle to activate the option unknown source.
Then Tap On The Toggle Section To Enable The Unknown Sources Option.
  • After that, now open the app file manager on your smartphone.
  • Keep opening the folder download where Drift Max Mod Apk file was saved.
  • Tap to open Apk file and press button install.
  • Well, follow the installation process as per the instructions provided by the system on the smartphone.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can play it right away.

However, using the modified version of the application or game is an illegal act. So when you play online, don’t let other players know. If they report you to the official developer, your account could be banned.

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